Classroom Fun for Easter- News 12

If you are having an Easter Party in your classroom we have some fun ideas!

Elizabeth Hashagen and Anne Caminiti are having fun making cute Easter themed Peep Bunny Cars, Thumbprint Decorated Eggs and cute snacks for your classroom party in this News 12 segment.

1. Peep Bunny Cars

Want a fun Easter dessert idea that the kids will love to make?  This is an edible activity that any true PEEP lover will enjoy making and eating. For each Peep Bunny Race Car you will need to set up a plate of all the “parts” needed. One Peep Bunny, a Twinkie (car) , 4 Marshmallows or chocolates ( for wheels ), one mini vanilla wafer (steering wheel) and some frosting.

Read the step by step directions: HERE

2. Rabbit & Chick Juice Boxes

How cute, right? These are simple and fun to make, too. Using construction paper, google eyes and markers your Easter table will look adorable with these festive juice boxes, too. Makes for a cute photo opp, too!

Read more: HERE


3. Bunny Tails

A cute goody bag filled with tiny marshmallows with a title of Bunny Tails.


4.“Carrot” Goody Bags filled with Goldfish

How cute are these little bags that look like carrots that could like adorable in a carrot patch area at your classroom party. Just fill a sandwich bag with goldfish and tie with green curly ribbon to resemble a carrot.



5. Thumbrint Eggs

These adorable eggs are such a cute idea for kids to take home to their families as a classroom activity. Have eggs hard-boiled ahead of time and give each child an egg, finger paints and markers for a fun activity that turns into an adorable decoration at home.

Read more: HERE



We hope that us two class moms can help you out with ideas for your classroom Easter party!

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