Cereal Box Tabletop Hockey Game

We made our own table top game! A fun way to bring Air Hockey to your dining room table.

We are re-using empty cereal boxes and some scratched cd’s to make our own fun.

All you need is:

2 empty cereal boxes (try and make sure they are all the same size)

1 scratched or non-working cd or dvd

Painters Tape

No cost fun!

Please remember to use painters tape so you don’t ruin your table!

Cut the cereal box as seen, below:

Attach the boxes that have been cut to opposite sides of the table with the painters tape.

Then, put two lines (as seen in the pictures below) of painters tap near the center of the table. 




I was inspired by this Pinterest Pin:


Have fun playing this with your family! A fun activity for all ages.

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