Showcase Cinemas launches new “Showcase Subscribe” program

The Ultimate Movie Plan for Individuals, Friends and Families
Any Movie, Any Day: Visit Your Local Theatre Three Times Per Month for One Low Monthly Cost

We LOVE going to our local Showcase movie theatre and we are so excited to share this amazing program that they have just launched with you. Are you ready to save money and head to the movies to see all the latest movies in the theatre with your family and friends? You have to read this article and see what the Showcase Subscribe program is all about.

Showcase Cinemas, a world leader in the motion picture exhibition industry, just made moviegoing a bit easier and more cost effective with the launch of Showcase Subscribe, the company’s first subscription service. Whether an individual, part of a group of friends or a family, customers can visit or download the free app to pick the membership plan that’s right for them.
Starting at $16.95 for three movies a month, Showcase Subscribe allows customers to reserve tickets in advance via the app. Those who signup will be able to purchase tickets from either the 2D or Premier plan, which includes 3D, XPLUS and IMAX formats. Additionally, there are no “blackout dates” and customers can use their Showcase Starpass membership number to gain loyalty value on Showcase Subscribe plan purchases.

”We are thrilled to be launching Showcase Subscribe and allowing people to pick a plan to see more movies at our theaters, more often,” said Mark Malinowski, Vice President of Marketing for Showcase Cinemas.

“Launching just in time for the holiday movie-going season, Showcase Subscribe membership is a great way to give yourself the gift of going to the movies.”

2D Plan details and pricing (Three Movies Per Month):
· Individual: $16.95/monthly
· Groups
o Two: $32.95/monthly
o Three: $47.95/monthly
o Four: $62.95/monthly
o Five: $76.95/monthly
o Six: $89.95/monthly

Premier details and pricing (Three Movies Per Month):
· Individual: $19.95/monthly
· Groups
o Two: $38.95/monthly
o Three: $56.95/monthly
o Four: $73.95/monthly
o Five: $89.95/monthly
o Six: $105.95/monthly

All plans require a minimum three-month purchase. Showcase SuperLux, LuxLevels and Showcase MX4D are not part of Showcase Subscribe.



Showcase Cinemas is a world leader in the motion picture exhibition industry, operating more than 932 movie screens in the U.S., U.K., Argentina and Brazil under the Showcase, Cinema de Lux, SuperLux and UCI brands. With 28 theatre locations in the United States, Showcase Cinemas delivers the finest entertainment experience, offering the best in comfort, dining and viewing. For more information about Showcase Cinemas please visit



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