Winter Fun Bucket List (Long Island Edition)

The first day of Spring is tomorrow and we are so excited for the kick-off to Spring Fun! 

I have decided to reflect on the winter using our Winter Bucket Check List and seeing how much we actually checked off of the list.

Snow Activities

*Build a Snowman              *Snowball Fight     *Make Snow Icecream

*Make a Snow Angel           *Go Sledding 

We did not get much snow this winter compared to previous years. It was definitely cold (we all felt that, right?) With the couple of small snowstorms I know we checked off a couple of must-do snow activities right in our backyard. Did you go away on a ski or snowboarding trip? 


Even though we really only had one snowstorm that gave us packing snow that was worth going out in. That 4 inched of packing snow led to a day of checking off numerous snow activities such as, a snowball fight, building a snowman, making snow angels and sledding in the backyard.

We never made the snow Ice Cream but, if you want the recipe: HERE IT IS

Indoor Fun

*Host a Family Game Night   *Camp Out in Your Living Room

*Drink hot cocoa with Marshmallows    *Make a Fort Indoors

*Stay in PJ’s All Day


Since the colder months lead to more fun indoors we had some things on our list that we just had to do and love to do. We did not just host one family game night we did at least one a week. WE LOVE GAME NIGHTS! The girls slept at their Aunt and Uncle’s house where they made an awesome fort and camped out in their living room for the night. I think we stayed in our pajamas A LOT of days ( I lost count – lol) We love being comfy and drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows happened a few times, as well.  What are some winter month indoor things you love to do. Perhaps snuggle by an open fire if you have a fireplace? 



Getting Crafty

*Make a Gingerbread House   * Make Paper Snowflakes  * Make a birdfeeder

*Make a Winter Scented Playdough


We made gingerbread houses at home and at school and made various scented playdoughs. We made  Pumpkin Playdough, and Gingerbread Playdough.

We never made paper snowflakes or a bird feeder. But, I know this Spring we will be sure to make a birdfeeder for birds that visit our yard.



Fun Winter Activities

*Start a New Tradition     *Try a New Soup Recipe 

*Do a Winter Scavenger Hunt    * Collect Pinecones   *Go Ice Skating

*Bake cookies as a Family    *Go for a Winter Hike  

  *Volunteer with Family and Friends


I wish we did more of these bucket list items this winter season. We always try our best to volunteer and I wish we did this Winter. But, we absolutely will this Spring! I feel like volunteering especially as a family is so important. 

Being in the kitchen as a family is so important to me. We made lots of crockpot recipes and of course baked cookies (for Santa, too!).

Have we started a new tradition? I am not sure if we started a new tradition but, we have made sure to continue ones we love like: going around and seeing Christmas lights throughout our neighborhood and doing a family game night once a week.

We love going on hikes year round and we enjoyed our winter hikes this Winter and even collected pinecones.


I would say that we have had an awesome Winter. Hope you have had a great winter, too!

Now let’s see what fun we will have this Spring! We are excited…

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