Kids Wearable Snake Craft

Kids will love this craft since it can be worn on their arm and look like a snake. My lil peanut got a kick out of this snake craft and she loved his long red tongue. Easy and inexpensive to make!

snake 3

All you need is:

Paper towel roll


Wiggly Eyes

Red construction paper


Glue Stick


First, cut the paper towel roll along the lines that curve around the roll leaving a snake shaped cardboard canvas for your child to use.

Then, color the cardboard tube with markers making any design you want and making the snake any colors.

Cut a tongue out using the red construction paper. Glue that to the tip of one of the cardboard ends. This will be the head of the snake so glue the eyes here too.


Let the glue dry and your snake is ready to be worn.

snake1 snake 2

Be prepared for a lot of smiles and laughs as you get chased by a slithering snake on your kids arms.

From my Momee Craft Corner to yours… HAPPY CRAFTING!

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