What is included in your bedtime routine with your toddler?

A local Momee wrote me an email asking me about my routine with Mia at bedtime

In the book HELP! My toddler came without instructions by Blythe Lipman there is a chapter called Mr. Sandman, Bring Me Some Dreams

Toddlers and Bedtime

She says to keep it routine… consistency is key. If bedtime is 7pm then always put your toddler in bed at 7pm

For us Mia is in bed by 8:30 each night

* look for cues of sleepiness which can be hair twirling, rubbing eyes, laying down with their favorite stuffed animal to pick the perfect time for sleep*

Also do not feel guilty if you are working late and can not see your toddler before the go to bed. Keep the routine Blythe suggests.

Let your toddler make decisions before they go to sleep such as picking out pajamas or picking out a book to read before bed. This helps with their self esteem.

Mia loves picking out her pajamas each night and it really does help with the going to sleep process

Make sure the toddler activities before bedtime are low key. Let them know its time to wind down you are going to bed soon. Communication is key and they understand.

We have a box of toys for Mia that she is allowed to choose from before sleep in her room. She does not watch any television before bed

If your toddler wants a snack before bed make sure it has a protein and a carbohydrate. The carbohydrate will make them sleepy and the protein will make them feel full.

Cheese and crackers is a great choice or yogurt

So Momees I have to ask:  What is part of your toddlers bedtime routine each night?

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  1. we put both kids to bed by 7pm…and thats it,they go right to sleep,but if we are out they obviously dont go to bed at that time,but we rarely go out later than 7,

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