Cardboard Tube Advent Tree

With a little bit of time and little money you can make an adorable Cardboard Tube Advent Tree.

Your child will be excited to see what is inside each tube everyday before Christmas.

advent tree

To make this you need:

You need 9 long paper towel rolls

3 toilet paper rolls

Green and Brown Acrylic Paint

Red and Yellow Foam Sheets

Pom Poms (all colors)

Black Sharpie Marker



Hot Glue Gun



The cardboard Paper Towel Rolls are about 11 inches long. Measure every 3 inches and cut at that point. There will be 2 inches of green tube that you can set aside for another craft another day.

IMG_3524 IMG_3525


Now, you will have 24 green tubes and 3 brown ones.


Now, let’s hot glue the tubes together. (shown below)

IMG_3631 IMG_3634

IMG_3643 IMG_3640

Glue the pom poms on top of the tree.

Cut out a yellow foam star and write a 25 on it with your sharpie marker. Glue that too!

 IMG_3658  IMG_3657

IMG_3651 IMG_3654

Cut the same size red foam pieces and write numbers 1 through 24 on them.

IMG_3655 IMG_3656

Glue them to the outside of each cardboard tube (shown below) 


You have completed your Cardboard Tube Advent Tree.

Fill the tubes with toys, candy, money whatever you like!

Merry Christmas Crafting… from my Momee craft corner to yours…

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