Shipwreck Cove Spray Park Bay Shore Marina

What an awesome place for kids and adults to keep cool this summer! Right next to the Bayshore Marina, this is one of the cool spots on Long Island I will be visiting frequently this summer.

Shipwreck Cove Spray Park Bay Shore Marina

bayshore spray park 034 bayshore spray park 033

Mia had a blast and so did I, today was such a hot day and being in the water right next to the marina was so nice with the perfect summer breeze.

I love that the depth goes from 0 inches to 6 inches, perfect for Toddlers to play and kids of all ages and adults to get wet and stay cool.

bayshore spray park 012 bayshore spray park 017

The Shipwreck cove was perfectly done with a huge great slide to go down or a little slide to go down as well. I love the detail of the boat and the captain on top looking around.

bayshore spray park 001  bayshore spray park 002

bayshore spray park 029

There are tons of little sprinklers around the pool to keep wet and cool in the summer sun ( as you can tell Mia liked them a lot )

bayshore spray park 003bayshore spray park 016

bayshore spray park 005

Before we left I asked Mia if she would like to go back and she said, … “YEAHHH”

bayshore spray park 022

Great day today and I highly recommend checking this place out when you can. Momees and Dadees and Kids will love this place.

Shipwreck Cove Spray Park is open June 29 – September 2 10am – 6pm, Seven days a week

ShipWreck Cove Fees:

Free with Pool Membership

$7.00 per person with a Town of Islip Recreation Card

$10.00 per person with proof of Town Residency (Driver’s License)

$12.00 for a Non-Resident

$2 for a Resident with a Town Senior Recreation Card or Permanent Town Disability Car


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