Pillowland by Laurie Berkner

Do you love Laurie Berkner as much as we do?

We love watching her you-tube channel and singing and dancing to her music (whether we are at home or driving in our car). But, did you know that Laurie has a couple of children’s books out, too?

We are the Dinosaurs was our first children’s book by Laurie Berkner and now we are enjoying the adorable story, Pillowland. What we love about Pillowland is that it is a whimsical adventure story with a soothing and relaxing tone. We love pretending “we are riding a pillow train… Choo Choo!”  A perfect bedtime story. It is one of our new favorites and I think it would be one of your new bedtime favorites, too.

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Blissful Bedtime Yoga Sequence

While this time of year is fun and exciting, I think us mamas also find there is a certain level of stress that comes along with it. We are so busy making sure everyone is going to find what they asked for under the tree, baking for the classroom and holiday parties, attending school plays and recitals, it can be really easy to forget to take care of ourselves. Who else finds that the stresses from the day hit hardest right at bedtime? As soon as I close my eyes and lay my head down, my mind goes into overdrive – making lists and remembering all of the things I should have gotten done during the day, but didn’t get to.

When I feel the stresses from the day are going to affect my sleep, I have a bedtime yoga sequence that I turn to. This yoga sequence can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes, or more if you choose to spend more time in the poses, but even after 5 minutes I’ve found the tension is released from my mind and body, and I can go on to enjoy a peaceful slumber.

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What is included in your bedtime routine with your toddler?

A local Momee wrote me an email asking me about my routine with Mia at bedtime

In the book HELP! My toddler came without instructions by Blythe Lipman there is a chapter called Mr. Sandman, Bring Me Some Dreams

Toddlers and Bedtime

She says to keep it routine… consistency is key. If bedtime is 7pm then always put your toddler in bed at 7pm

For us Mia is in bed by 8:30 each night

* look for cues of sleepiness which can be hair twirling, rubbing eyes, laying down with their favorite stuffed animal to pick the perfect time for sleep*

Also do not feel guilty if you are working late and can not see your toddler before the go to bed. Keep the routine Blythe suggests.

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