Five Art Party Activities to make on a Budget

It’s Make it Monday, and here are some great ideas for an art party on a budget.
Kids will love these art activities and you will love how much they cost to make.


I had some Momee Friends and their kids over last week for an art party!

The kids had so much fun doing the following activities:

1. Making a Pet Rock!

This activity cost me nothing to make because I had everything at the house to make it. 

Mia and I had gone to the beach and collected the rocks a few days prior. North Shore Beaches have the greatest rocks to collect and bring home.

 We love West Meadow Beach in Stony Brook —-> click here for more information


To make: Ahead of time hot glue wiggly eyes on the rocks.

The day you are going to do the activity put out the rocks along with crayons  to decorate and I had glitter glue sticks for the kids to use as well.

Let them decorate the rocks and they will love them.

art8 art11 rocks

2. Finger painting in Shaving Cream!

This is a very inexpensive and fun activity. Head to your local Dollar Tree and buy a can or two of shaving cream. Spray on your table (one you won’t ruin if it gets wet) and let the kids run their hands through the shaving cream and draw on the table into the shaving cream.

The reactions are, “THIS FEELS SO COOL!” with a huge smile.

Best part is they think they are making a mess yet they are cleaning themselves and your table with the shaving cream.

 art12 art5 art7

To get the kids clean have a kiddie pool or water table set up and have them get wet on a hot summer day.

art16 art6

 The kiddie pool I have above is made by Intex —> click here for more information

3. Froot Loop Necklaces

For this activity set up a bowl with Froot Loops and string.

Have the kids loop the Froot Loops through and make edible necklaces.

I made these another time but using twizzlers pull and peel as the string —> click here

art10 art art9

4. Painting Piggies with Mud!

This activity is so much fun and on a hot summer day you can tell the kids that piggies stay cool by rolling around in the mud.

A painting activity great for kids of any age. Set up a container filled with mud (just add dirt and water and stir) along with some paintbrushes.

Print out piggies on printer paper. Search pig clipart black and white in google images.

Have the kids dip their paintbrushes in the paint and paint the piggies. Hang to dry.

I did this activity before —-> click here

art13 dry art14

5. Marshmallow Dipping

My friend Angela had this great idea to set up Marshmallow dipping. This is an inexpensive dessert kids will love to make for themselves.

All you need is: White Chocolate Melts, Marshmallows, Sprinkles, mini cups and sticks to put the marshmallows on.

I set up my mini crockpot to melt the chocolate melts in. Angela set up mini cups with different sprinkles. We gave the kids sticks to put a marshmallow on. They dipped in the chocolate then in the sprinkles and had a yummy treat to eat.

art2 art4 art3


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