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 Mooseltoe- a great way to kick off the Christmas season!

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My three year old daughter and I went to go see Mooseltoe at the Gateway theatre in Bellport on Black Friday. Instead of waiting on crowded lines at stores for bargain prices we headed to the theatre and I could not be happier to of done so. I am one of those people who as soon as the kitchen table is cleared of our Thanksgiving dinner I start to plan with my husband our four day weekend and our decorating schedule.

When I saw that Mooseltoe was playing for ONE DAY ONLY at The Gateway (and that it was Black Friday), I had to go with Mia to see it. I thought what a great new tradition instead of rushing to get the decorations up the day after Thanksgiving I would much rather see my daughter’s face light up as we see a Christmas play that is perfect for the whole family. Next year when my youngest daughter is old enough (she is only 7 months old now) I will be taking her along with my husband to see Mooseltoe again and as long as they continue the production we will see it year after year.


Mooseltoe is appealing to all ages with an adorable cast of characters, comedy for all ages and a positive message. When we first meet Mooseltoe he has a dream of becoming one of Santa’s flying reindeer and help Santa bring all the good girls and boys presents on Christmas. There is only one problem that everyone sees with his dream and that is, Moose don’t fly. Mooseltoe’s mother believes in him and sends him to see the Moose King. Is Mooseltoe’s mom right?, will the moose King help him realize his dream and do the impossible? Will he be able to fly like Santa’s reindeer?

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Throughout his journey to meet with the Moose King, Mooseltoe runs into different characters (including a Walrus, penguins and snowmen). It is not until Santa needs Mooseltoe to help him save Christmas does everyone else start to believe that maybe Mooseltoe’s dream is nothing to laugh at.

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The story leaves us with a positive message that when we believe in the impossible sometimes miracles happen. In my opinion that is the beauty of Christmas and the way a child views Christmas, Santa and all the joy this holiday season brings to all around the world.

I really enjoyed the show and Mia loved the interaction that the play allowed the kids to have with the characters and the story. We even got to meet the elves from the show at the end (which made Mia very happy.) Next year she hopes to give Mooseltoe a hug after the show.


If you have never been to the Gateway theatre you are missing out. It is the cutest playhouse you will ever be in. There is not a bad seat in the house ( there are booster seats for the kids to sit on so they can see everything that is going on which is a huge plus). The production team does an amazing job with all of their shows. See what the Gateway has to offer and purchase your own affordable tickets to a show that interests you.

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