Jungle Bob’s Reptile World

Are you ready to take a walk on the wild side? Do you and your kids love reptiles?
Then you have got to head to the coolest store on Long Island … Jungle Bob’s Reptile World.


Whether you are into snakes, lizards, bearded dragons, tortoises or just cool reptiles in general then Jungle Bob’s Reptile World will have something for you to love.

Add a reptile to your family with such awesome ones to chose from at Jungle Bob’s.

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IMG_4566 10167958_619650321479853_3302513911251840997_n

IMG_4473 snake

What I love about going to Jungle Bob’s Reptile World is the knowledgeable and friendly staff. If you go in looking for a reptile that will suit you and/or your family you will leave with the perfect one for you. The staff will take the time to talk to you about the animal, how much care they need and any other questions you may have. If you have young children they will let you know what reptiles are best.

I know next time I go in I will be purchasing an adorable little Russian Tortoise to become part of our family since I have a 3 year old and 8 month old this will be the perfect starter reptile that will be with our family for a VERY long time since their lifespans are 50+ years. We have already decided we will name ours Tortilla.

How cute are these guys? They grow as big as 8 inches in length.

IMG_4537 IMG_4540

Meet the Smith’s…

Jungle Bob and his sons love reptiles and it is a bond they have shared since his sons were little kids. Their love and passion for these amazing creatures shows in how clean and how well these animals are taken care of at their store.

They are a family run business and they are doing a great job!

Bob is pictured below in the center with his two son’s Tyler (on left) and Dylan (on right).


I spoke to Jungle Bob about Kid Friendly Reptiles not too long ago read the blog post —-> click here

IMG_4499 IMG_4543

Bearded Dragons are a very cool pet to have they are a very friendly reptile and are ones that you can literally carry around with you. My cousins and I loved these little guys.

 IMG_4511 1601432_619651128146439_3751092620287921461_n

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Watch the Howcast video of the Bearded Dragon below:



“Don’t be draggin’ your dragon…”- The Beardie Bag

And only Jungle Bob’s sells the Beardie Bag designed by Safari Susi herself. Buy yours—> click here

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You never know what will happen in the Jungle…

I only visited Jungle Bob for the first time the week before Christmas and I have added him and Jungle Bob’s Reptile World to my list of favorite places to go with family and friends. I loved it so much it only took me two weeks to go back and visit and when I went in Jungle Bob surprised us with a large Albino Python. My cousin Melanie and I never thought we would ever be wrapped in one of these amazing creatures and we are so glad we got to encounter one up close. They are so beautiful.


As we were wrapped in the Albino Python our kids were watching us smiling like little kids and they thought it was so cool. We definitely got some cool mom points that day thanks to Jungle Bob. 

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 Jungle Bob knows his reptiles and you will be fascinated by all the cool facts he knows. We learned so much about the reptiles from Jungle Bob and you can too by either going to the store or watching his Howcast videos. In the picture below is Jungle Bob next to a TV screen at the store where his 90+ Howcast videos play in rotation about all the reptiles that are sold or that can be potentially sold at the store. (Depending on stock)

10885211_619650844813134_2503584621502259281_n IMG_4483

Want to watch the videos?

Go to You Tube.com  and search howcast / jungle bob


Jungle Bob is available for educational programs and birthday parties.

Education That Walks on the WILD SIDE!
Dynamic, Informative and Exciting LIVE animal programs for all grades.

Check out ALL  the programs available —> Jungle Bob Live!

I highly recommend Jungle Bob’s Reptile World for all your reptile needs!

Jungle Bob's Reptile World

Located at:

2536 Middle Country Rd  Centereach, NY 11720


(631) 737-6474

Website —–> click here

Stop in and see all the amazing reptiles under one roof. A Momee Friends of Long Island Favorite!


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