Dragon Cups- “Dragon Breathing”

This is a great craft/ activity to calm down our kids if they ever feel angry.


Thanks to Disney Pixar’s Inside Out our children are learning all about their emotions and one emotion they have discovered is ANGER!

Sometimes feeling anger can be difficult and it may take a while for our kids to calm down from an episode of anger. Here is something fun to help release all the hot “dragon air” and calm back down to our relaxed state.

For this craft you will need:

Red solo cups, pom poms, wiggly eyes, tissue paper, scotch tape, scissors and hot glue


Just cut out the bottom of the cup and tape in the strands of tissue paper on the opposite end of  the cup.

Hot glue the pom poms and wiggly eyes to the top of the cup and you are done.



I saw this as a Pinterest Pin and just loved it.

cute project to teach  Found on mssepp.blogspot.com

My one year old sometimes feels anger and frustration if she sees something that her  four year old sister is doing and she can not do it yet.

We used the cups and went from feeling anger

anger3 anger1

to using the Dragon Cups to blow out all of that hot air.

anger6 anger5


All the kids enjoyed making the tissue paper flames blow out and around the dragon’s mouth.

 Your child will eventually be calm and if you have a one year old like mine she will find calmness in ripping the tissue paper off the cup too.

Her own calming down technique.


HAPPY CRAFTING from my Momee Craft Corner to yours…

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