DIY Yard Ghosts

Make these adorable ghosts to display outside for Halloween!

This decoration is made very inexpensively and you will see how in the directions below.

lawn ghosts

To make these lawn ghosts all you need is:

Styrofoam Plates

Tall White Garbage Bags

Wooden Dowel (any length) depending on how tall you want them to be

Black or Orange Ribbon

Plastic Spider (optional)

Acrylic Paint (Black)

Acrylic Paint (Red)

Puff Paint (Glitter Red)


Gorilla Tape

Dollar Tree Glo In The Dark Large Eyes (Halloween Section)


First, take your two Styrofoam plates and staple them together:

ghost7 ghost5

Stick your dowel in between the two plates and in between the two staples it will stay once it is in the ground.

Then, wrap your plate with the white garbage bag. You might want your ghost to appear longer so shred up in length a second white garbage bag and attach it to the bottom of the other garbage bag you already have around the two Styrofoam plates.


*If you want a girl ghost… cute a ponytail with the Styrofoam and attach it to the top of the head by stapling it. Wrap the garbage bag around the ponytail and the head. You will definitely want to add a second garbage bag because the length with be much shorter due to the ponytail.


Wrap ribbon around the neck of the ghost (any color you want) and around the ponytail if you made a girl ghost. I added a plastic spider to the ponytail on one of the ghosts, too.


Add the plastic eyes onto the front of the head and add the lips and/ or mouth depending if it is a boy or girl ghost.


ghost2 ghost3

as you can see with this ghost after the first rain storm the rain got inside the plastic cover of the eyes. If you plan on having these up for the entire month of October like we do for Halloween I would suggest to not use these large glo eyes until the day of Halloween or your event because of the chance that the rain will ruin them.

ghost4 ghost1

I love how the large Glo eyes look they are great and stick onto the front by themselves.

I love Gorilla tape and use it for everything but once this tape is on the front of the garbage bag it is staying and will rip if you try to remove. So I just used the cardboard and removed the plastic cover and painted onto the cardboard with the black paint for the eyes.

lawn ghost2 lawn ghost4

or don’t use the eyes at all and just paint on the eyes like you do the lips and eyelashes

lawn ghost3

These will look adorable in your yard to greet all of your trick or treaters or your Halloween party guests.

lawn ghost 6

I was inspired after seeing this on mom —> click here

*difference she used Styrofoam from the craft store (and with using the Styrofoam plates like I did, it is less expensive and easier to use and cut)

These ghosts are super cute!

Halloween Trash Bag Yard Ghosts Tutorial

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