Toddler Lego Printing- Fall Craft

Those Legos are not just for building anymore!

We can use them as the perfect “stamp” for a great toddler craft during the fall season.

lego craft8

A great sensory craft for our little ones to do. See how to do this activity…

Supplies needed:

Legos (any size – I used the rectangular ones)


Yellow, Brown and you could use Orange too child’s washable paint

Paper Plate

Green construction Paper

White or Beige Construction paper


Glue Stick

lego craft


First, cut your green construction paper to look like two corn leaves. And cut your white or beige construction paper to look like the shape of an ear of corn. Glue them together.

lego craft1

On the paper plate put the colors you will use of paint.

lego craft2

Using your paintbrush paint the color on the Lego.

lego craft 3

Stamp the Legos onto the ear of corn.

lego craft4 lego craft6

Your project is complete!

lego craft5 lego craft7

This is a great project for those little toddler hands. They will love making the ear of corn, stamping the paint with their Legos.

SIMPLE AND EASY- from my Momee Craft Corner to yours…

I was inspired by Pinterest to do this craft: click here

Lego Stamped Indian Corn Craft for Kids:

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