Mummy Dogs

A perfect appetizer at your Halloween party!

mummy dogs

Have your guests smile at every mummy dog they eat at your next Spook-tacular!

All you need is:

Hot Dogs

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls or Buttermilk Biscuits (that’s what I used)


Mustard or Ketchup


Cut your hot dogs in half.


Cut the roll or biscuit into strips and wrap around the hot dog. Make sure to leave a space where the eyes would be.

mummy dogs1

Bake in your oven at the temperature indicated on the roll package.

Once they are a golden brown and fully cooked. Add the eyes with either ketchup or mustard.

mummy dogs2

mummy dogs3 mummy dogs4

This is an easy and simple food that your children can help you make.

Happy Halloween and I hope your party is a success!

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