September Kidee Poems

Last month local Poet and Author Darren Sardelli challenged the kids on his Kidee Page —->

Laugh -A -Lot Poetry

 to write about if they could have any pet in the world who would it be and why.

We had three great poems along with pictures submitted by our local kidee poets.

There was a poem about a duck, a tarantula and a cow.



Here are the three amazing poems by our local Kidees:

 Tuck the Duck

I have a Duck named Tuck

who liked to play in muck

he swam all day

and liked to play

and he makes my happy all day

                                                       – Alex  (age: 6 )           tuck the duck


Norsmo the Tarantula

Norsmo is my pet spider

Don’t worry he is not a biter

He is shiny brown and red

with lots of eyes in the middle of his head

Norsmo is big and very hairy

but he is happy and not scary

                                                     – Daniel ( Age: 9)    norsmo the spider


Jessie the Cow

There is a pretty cow named Jessie

who said hello to a pig

The pig said,”Hi Jessie you are nice and big.”

Let’s walk to the barn and see the chickens play

We can all go jump in the hay

The spiders are there and

they are really busy.

“I know” said Jessie

Let’s spin them in the air and make them dizzy

That will send the spiders in a tizzy

Great idea let’s all go play

and we will have a very fun day.

                                                              – Mia (age 4) with the help of Grandma (age: 5 according to Mia)

Jessie the cow

My mother in law helped Mia write this poem after I had asked Mia a few questions :

I asked Mia if you could have any pet in the world what would it be? she said a cow

What would you name it? she said Jessie

she then came up with this story that I wrote down:

the cow was talking to a pig and wanted to play with the chickens

but they saw spiders and they had to figure out how to get them out of the barn

so Jessie juggled them and made them dizzy. The spiders left and they played in the hay. The end

I then asked my mother in law (who is great at writing poems ) to write a poem with Mia about her story she came up with. I love their poem and I am so happy that Darren Sardelli is doing this with us each month.

I was so impressed with the creativeness of my four-year old and that she thought of this herself. Once we did the one poem she kept wanting to make up stories so she had another poem about a zebra named Pineapple and a bear named Princess and a sheep named Belle!

I wrote them all down and will treasure them forever. I encourage you do to the same. You will be surprised with the stories our kids come up with they are so funny and this is a great family activity.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALEX, DANIEL and MIA for submitting their great poems with us. We are so happy to share your poems and look forward to seeing more from you!

Please challenge your child to write a poem and send it to us with an illustration to

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