Geometric Cardboard Construction

Who has some cardboard in their recycle bin?

And who has children who look for something new to play with?

I know we all do and this “new” toy not only costs nothing to make but, it will keep your kids entertained for a long time. Sounds great, right?

Geometric Construction

All you need is:

Sturdy Cardboard

Scissors/ Utility Knife

Paint (optional)


Have an adult make this or an old enough child/ teen that can use scissors well. Always supervise your child when they use sharp scissors or utility knife.

1. Cut the cardboard into a variety of squares.

2. On the corners or along the edges cut some slim V-shaped slits and even some fun cuts like half moon and large triangles. (see images below)


This is an optional step:

I first, only painted one side of the shapes and let the girls play with them and then I decided to paint both sides.  I have toddlers so we are working on color recognition but for older kids you can leave them plain brown and make a lot of these and see how high they can construct their buildings and structures without them falling down.


You will thank me later but unlike most things that when they fall down they make a lot of noise these are almost silent falling down. From parent to parent… YOUR WELCOME! : )

IMG_8952 IMG_8955

IMG_8957 IMG_8948

You can see this craft along with other ways to keep your kids entertained indoors on Ch. 12 News Long Island next Thursday- February 18th, 2016. Anne and Elizabeth will show you how fun these re during the morning show starting at 5am.


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I was inspired by this pin by Parenting Chaos on Pinterest to make this fun craft idea:

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FREE, easy, and recycled! Your kids will LOVE this easy DIY Homemade Cardboard Construction Toy!:

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