Witch Hat Ring Toss

A simple and classic game for all ages is ring toss.

Make it a Halloween Theme by making witch hats out of dollar store cones and making rings out of paper plates.


Have fun at your next Halloween Party with this simple game idea. 

Materials needed:

Poster Board

Plastic Cones from Dollar Tree

Black Paint

Paper Plates


Hot Glue Gun



     Have an adult hot glue the orange cones to the poster board with space in between.

Paint the cones black and make a circle around the cone to make it look like a witch hat.

witch-toss-1 witch-toss-2

Decorate around the board any way that you like.

Make the rings by cutting the center out of the paper plates and have your child decorate the paper plates any way they like.


Have the kids play ring toss and see who gets the most rings around the cones to win!


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