DIY Popular Social Costumes- News 12 Segment

See how to create fun costumes that are popular on social media like a snapchat costume, a fidget spinner (that really spins), Moana, and a social butterfly.

Elizabeth Hashagen and Anne Caminiti (Momee Friends of Long Island) show you how to make your own costumes with items around your home and that are inexpensive to create.

  1. OREO COSTUME- Elizabeth and Anne are dressed as an Oreo which makes a great best friend, sibling or couples costume.

    Made out of Black Foam Board the Oreo itself is easy to make. You just cut a perfect circle and then just use white acrylic paint to create the Oreo design. (this is the hardest part- the Oreo design is very detailed).

I used black t-shirt material to make the back-pack like straps on the foam board. By gluing the top part only and sliding the bottom through a slit you can easily adjust the height of the straps for a more comfortable fit.


For the hats I found black beanies at the dollar store and just wrote DOUBLE on one white rectangle shape of foam board and STUFF on the other and glued them to the front of the hats. Very simple and cute.


2. Moana is a popular costume this year and with some paint, scissors and hot glue this no-sew costume can be created. The Oar is made out of a cardboard wrapping paper roll and a piece of cardboard which means it costs almost nothing to make since these items would be in your recycle bin.

                         Read more on how to make this costume: HERE


3. The Social Butterfly Costume– is perfect for those who love their social media apps on their phone. This social butterfly has her favorite apps on her tulle skirt including the News 12 app.


The wings were made from two metal hangers that we joined together ad manipulated the hangers to look like a butterfly wing shape. I then covered them in material to make them look beautiful. Lastly, I added a foam board center to cover up the sharper metal piece and then put black t-shirt material here to make straps that will go around the arms to wear.




For the skirt, I did a no-sew skirt that is made out of tulle and one thick piece of satin black ribbon. I hot glued the tulle to the ribbon (which can easily burn your fingers, BE VERY VERY CAREFUL. The material is so thin that the hot glue just pours through. I added the app images onto the skirt.

Then, I made the antennae headband and the social butterfly wand to complete the costume.


4. The Snapchat Costume– is easily created with a yellow t-shirt and felt. The butterfly crown was made out of floral wire and butterflies found at the dollar store. A perfect costume for those who love this popular app on their phone.



5. Pac Man, Mrs. Pac Man and the three ghosts- are a great group costume made with t-shirts and foam pieces.


Just by cutting a few simple shapes out of foam board and having an adult use a hot glue gun to glue the pieces on the shirt you have five costumes that can be created in no time.





6.The Fidget Spinner Costume that really SPINS! Yes, it spins. By making the fidget spinner shape out of poster board and using a paper fastener you can get these fidget spinners moving on your t-shirt or hat and you can even create a fidget spinner bracelet. This is a super fun, interactive and inexpensive costume you can create.

Read how to make it: HERE


**** Some of these costumes require using a Hot Glue Gun please make sure an adult uses the Hot Glue Gun when creating the costumes. The Hot Glue gets very hot and can cause serious burns if a child uses it. ****

News 12 DIY Halloween Costumes

Please tune into News 12 Long Island this morning for some fun DIY Costume ideas with one of our favorite local Momees, Elizabeth Hashagen. Why spend a lot of money on a costume when you can create a costume for little money, yourself. Which one is your favorite we would love to hear your input!

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