KEEP CASE- Keeping your memories preserved!

Do you have movie reels, VHS tapes or picture negatives that you wish you could view again?

We highly recommend Keep Case as your go to service that brings your memories to life in a more modern way.

“Our goal with Keep Case is to provide everyone with the best possible digitization service to ensure that their priceless memories are properly preserved and made easy to view and share for years to come. And unlike most other digitizing services, we always shoot for the highest quality digital files, aiming for true preservation, limiting the need to have items redone in the future. “- Alex Johnson (founder of Keep Case)

The process is simple and in no time you will be gathering your loved ones around to watch old movies or look at old photos that you never thought you would be able to view again!

They sent me the box and shipping label to put my items in that I wanted to have digitized and then in about 2 weeks I had my new videos and old videos to watch. Yes, you get your originals back! Awesome, right?

Check out a couple of my videos that I made into one video about Keep Case:

We wanted to ask Keep Case a little bit more about themselves and their service:

1. Can you tell me in your own words what made you create this business? 

I started this business with my girlfriend, an archivist at The Cooper Union in Manhattan after I kept receiving texts from my mom and other family members containing old photos of photos that she was going through. Obviously, the quality of these images was not very good, so I had her mail me a whole case of them so I could convert them to high-quality digital files. This is how Keep Case was started!

Our goal with Keep Case is to help anyone looking to digitize their old photos, negatives, slides, films and tapes get the best quality for preservation, and make their past memories accessible and shareable on today’s devices. Without getting too technical, we provide both “uncompressed” digital image files and normal JPEG files. The uncompressed files are basically the direct result of a high-resolution scan and are fantastic for enlarging images and getting great photo prints and preservation as the amount of information lost from the original source is minimal. The JPEG files are best for online sharing through email and on social media.

2.What is the average cost of your service and what does it include? Or most popular package?

We offer a number of packages starting at $60 and going up to $500. These would range from having 75 to 500 photos, negatives and slides digitized, or between 3 to 20 films and tapes transferred to digital files. 

Currently, our most popular package would be the Collection, our mid-sized package which digitizes up to 10 “items”. You can have 250 photos, negatives, and slides, or 10 film reels and tapes digitized. You can also do a combination of both types. An example would be sending in 125 photos, and 5 film reels or tapes.

3.What is the average amount of time that someone can expect to see their items transformed?

Currently, we like to leave 2-4 weeks for the turnaround to complete each order from the time your items are received at our location. During this time we take the time to carefully examine each item, clean them if possible without causing damage, scan and transfer, and make minor adjustments to the digital files to ensure each item has been properly preserved.

4.Do they receive the originals back as well?

Yes! All original items are returned to you when your order is complete, along with DVDs for your now digital photos, negatives, and slides as well as playable DVDs for videos. An optional USB drive can be added to orders for easy transfer of all the digital files to your computer. We also share a link to access and download all files via Dropbox when the order is complete!

We hope that people take advantage of the Keep Case service as we look to help people properly preserve and restore their priceless memories and make them accessible for many years into the future. 

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We want to thank Keep Case for giving our readers an awesome promotion:

You can save $50 at checkout for two products, the Collection and Archive using promo code MOMEEFRIENDS


Family and photos is what I cherish the most and I know you will love this service, too!

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