Kids Reindeer Handprint Craft

I love gifts that include my kids hands and feet because they will be little for only so long and let’s face it they are not going to let me put paint all over their hands and make art projects with them forever!

We all love Rudolph, don’t we? Turn your little ones into Rudolph with this adorable keepsake craft that anyone would love to receive.

All you need is:

Brown Crayola Washable Paint

Construction Paper

Red, Green or Black Sharpie Marker


Glue Stick

Headshot Picture of your child (I printed mine out on computer paper)



First, cover our child’s hands in Crayola brown washable paint and put on construction paper.

Let dry and then cut them out.

Then use half of a piece of construction paper ( I chose green) as your background. Then print out and cut out your child’s face and glue it onto the paper. Then, cut a rectangular white piece of construction paper (this will be used to write your greeting on). Glue that down, too.



Glue on top of your child’s head their handprints (so they look like antlers) and cut out a red circle out of construction paper and glue that down for the nose.

Write your greeting on the white rectangular piece underneath your little reindeer and then your project is complete!


I repeated the steps to make my oldest daughter into a reindeer, too! I love how these came out.

* You can trace your child’s hands on brown construction paper instead if you don’t want to use paint!*

Hope you enjoy this cute Christmas inspired DIY project and we wish you and your family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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