Elsa Inspired DIY Girls Cape

My daughter like every child right now loves the movie Frozen. Since she loves Elsa I decided to make her an Elsa inspired Cape to wear around the house.


Your daughter will love wearing this cape especially when she watches Frozen and acts out the entire movie being Elsa.

The materials I got was enough to make 2 capes. What you need is 3/4 of a yard of sheer blue material. I got the fabric from Joanne’s Fabric Store.

                                       You will also need a light blue ribbon, large plastic snowflakes, medium sized plastic snowflakes and snowflake confetti. Along with hot glue and scissors.



First, cut you material in half so you have 2 capes.

Then, fold over the top enough that when you put your ribbon on it, the material will overlap it.

Hot glue the material but not the ribbon. Make sure the ribbon is in between the material but remains loose. (shown below)


IMG_1505 IMG_1506 IMG_1509

Next, hot glue 4 large snowflakes, 5 medium snowflakes and as many confetti sized snowflakes as you like.

IMG_1510 IMG_1515


Your cape is complete and your child will love it once you put it on them. My daughter loves the snowflakes.


IMG_1538 IMG_1537 IMG_1540


They will love to put it on. However getting them to take it off is the issue.

My daughters’ smile when I gave it to her made this crafting Momee so happy.

IMG_1522  IMG_1523

From my Momee craft corner to yours… HAPPY CRAFTING!

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  1. Your DIY is cute but it got me thinking about using sheer fabric with a Frozen pattern printed on it. I found some on ebay. PS I am not selling anything on ebay or anywhere else.

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