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Hey Momees… are you wishing there was a fitness program perfect for you and your busy Momee schedule?
What if I told you there was an affordable, fun atmosphere for you to workout in and where you can bring your little ones.
Seems pretty amazing doesn’t it? Well it exists and there is a group of moms who are working out and waiting for you and your little one(s) to join them at Stroller Strides – Nassau County!

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Cara Winer is the owner of Fit 4 Mom- Stroller Strides LI (Nassau County) she too is a Momee and has a 3 year old daughter named Kennedy. Cara has a fitness for passion that is motivating.
I wanted to get to know Cara and what makes Stroller Strides such a great program for Momees. With my interview I hope that you will love Stroller Strides and want to give a class a try in the near future.


1. How long have you owned Stroller Strides?

I’ve owned the Nassau County Stroller Strides franchise since July 2013.  I had taken the class when my daughter Kennedy was an infant.  (She’s now 3.)  Even though we had stopped attending, I was still on the mailing list.   The previous owner, who had started the franchise on Long Island in 2007, sent an email saying she was looking for a buyer to take over the business.  Prior to having Kennedy I had worked in marketing and had been home with her since she was born.  In June of 2013 when I found out about this opportunity, Kennedy was almost 2 and starting school in the fall, and I was ready to do something for myself.  When this email came into my inbox I knew it was something to pay attention to.  Here was a career that would not only allow me to own my business, but was a mix of marketing, being a mom and fitness which has always been a passion of mine.  That night I showed my husband Keith the email, and he looked at me and said, “can you call her right now?”.  It was too good to pass up!  I met with the former owner two days later and within a week we had both decided this was the right move for us both and I was on a plane to the Fit4Mom corporate office in California to get certified.  A month later I signed my contract to take over the franchise and it has been the best thing I ever did for myself and my family.

2. You are an owner now but what drew you to stroller strides to become a member in the past? New mom friends, fitness, time out of the house?

Yes a mix of all of that!  I was the typical gym rat before having Kennedy and was there every day.  After I gave birth I quickly learned that even if I could bring her to the gym with me, which I couldn’t before 6 months at most gyms, I really didn’t want to.  I wasn’t comfortable leaving her in a daycare where I didn’t know much about the person watching her or how clean the place was.  It just wasn’t for me.  I was going a bit stir crazy not being able to exercise and then heard about Stroller Strides.  I went to my first class in the Broadway Mall in March of 2012 and it totally kick started back into a fitness routine.  It was great to get a workout in and also meet other moms in the area.  A month later the group was back outside in the parks with the warmer weather and I was hooked.

3. What is the mission of stroller strides?
We believe in the power of moms!  Yes, we are a fitness program. But we are here to help you make strides in fitness, motherhood and life. We commit to you, in every class, to give you the strength for motherhood at every stage. Beyond the fitness classes we also aim to create a village for these moms to connect and build friendships.  We hold play dates, seminars and monthly moms night out events.  Stroller Strides is NOT just a fitness class, but a community of moms. 
4. Are the toddlers welcome to join the exercise program?

Our classes are designed for infants 6 weeks through children up to 5 years old.  We keep them occupied through songs, movement, props and the promise of some really fun playgroups post class!  It’s wonderful to see the older children who have been coming for a while get out of the strollers after class and mimic what they’ve just seen mom do.  Our classes show them that exercise can be fun and it’s a wonderful thing for these moms to be positive fitness role models for their children.

5. How long is the class? Are their different types of classes for moms to take?

Each class is 60 minutes long and includes a mix of cardio, strength, toning and abs.  We offer two different classes in our franchise – Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre.  Stroller Strides is more large movements which you’d expect to do in any exercise class while Stroller Barre is smaller more intentional movements taken from ballet, pliates and yoga.  Both classes incorporate the Fit4Mom recipe of fitness for mom, fun for baby.  

Rain and cold weather months don’t stop Stroller Strides from working out. There are a number of locations where classes are available indoors or outdoors.

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6. Would someone who never really worked out before be okay with jumping into a class? Should they bring anything with them during their first class?  

Absolutely!  These classes are geared to include moms who have just gotten the okay from their doctors to begin exercising post-delivery.  We offer modifications as well as challenges depending on the varying fitness levels of our attendees.  That’s what so wonderful about these classes.  You’re among moms who may not be able to do a jumping jack yet without wetting herself or a mom who is still healing from a c-section scar and can’t do abs.  Of course we also have our marathon running moms and weight lifter moms so there’s room for everyone at every level of fitness.  You should bring a stroller (jogger not required), towel or yoga mat for abs, water and anything your little one needs.  You should dress for an exercise class in comfy clothes and sneakers.  And bring your singing voice and smiles!

If after reading this you are ready to give a class a try, call Cara or check out the website!

Phone:  (516) 353-0900
Website— > click here

“Like”- Fit4 Mom – Nassau County Stroller Strdes on Facebook —-> click here

Momee Friends of Long Island highly recommends this local business and their wonderful mission for all Momees on Long Island.

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