Reuse Soda Bottle for a Planter

Today is the first day of April and Momee Friends of Long Island is GOING GREEN all month long. Here is a cute way to reuse your 2 liter soda bottle to make a planter.

soda bottle planter

All you need to make this adorable planter is:

An empty and washed our 2-liter soda bottle

2 large wiggly eyes

Hot Glue Gun


Black Sharpie Marker



Step 1: After washing out all the soda out of the 2-liter bottle. Let Dry and then cut the bottle in half.

You will be discarding the top half into your recycle bin.

You will need the bottom of the bottle and the cap.

Step 2:  Have your child watch as you hot glue the wiggly eyes on the front of the bottle and the cap onto the bottle as the nose.

Draw a smile onto the bottle with the black sharpie marker.


Step 3: Fill the dirt and plant into your planter.

IMG_6779 IMG_6776

I used an indoor plant for this Bottle Planter but these bottle planters can be used for indoor or outdoor plants!

Happy #GOMOMEEGREEN Crafting! : )

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Here are more ideas from fellow Pinners using a bottle for a planter:

Self Watering planter from a soda bottle, I think I'm going to wrap the top edge with duct tape to keep it from falling inside... I've got some zebra print that should do nicely.

Self Watering planter from a soda bottle

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Maiko Nagao - diy, craft, fashion + design blog: DIY: Upcycled plastic bottle herb planter

DIY: Upcycled plastic bottle herb planter

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