DIY Halloween Costumes

Here are some Crafty ideas for Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes. Why buy a costume when you can make it yourself and add your own special touches to it.


We are happy to share the following costume ideas along with News 12 Long Island’s own, Elizabeth Hashagen. Do you make your own costume each year? What will you be for Halloween this year?

Sheep Costume:

unnamed (3)


White T-Shirt

1 bag Cotton Balls

Black Ski Cap

1 Sheet black felt 

1 Sheet Pink felt 

Hot Glue and Gun


White colored pencil (or white fabric chalk)

Black Thread and needle (optional)

Directions for the Belly:

    1. Lay t-shirt flat and outline what shape you’d like the “belly” to be in pencil.

   2. Begin hot gluing cotton balls from the color to the outline you drew.

    3. Once all cotton balls are placed, cut off extra t-shirt, leaving the collar intact.

unnamed (56) unnamed (35)

Directions for Ears:

 1. On the pink felt make the interior shape of the ear, similar to a pointed ear of corn (or use pattern). Cut out and trace to make a duplicate.

    2. Place pink felt on black felt and trace a larger shape of the one you just made. Repeat for second ear.

  3. Glue pink felt on black, glue and pinch ends (not tips) together to make a 3D effect.

  4.  Glue onto cap where you want the ears to fall, or sew if you want to reuse the hat!

unnamed (22)    unnamed (23)

unnamed (24)   unnamed (25)

Pinterest Inspiration —-> click here

If you decide to do this costume: PLEASE be aware that cotton balls are FLAMMABLE. Click here Be cautious with small children near lit candles, luminaries, pumpkins, etc. especially since they are low to the ground.:


If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

give a mouse a cookie


Tan Pillow case

1 Sheet brown felt

1 Sheet tan felt

1 Sheet pink felt

Plastic Head Band

Directions for Ears:

  1. On the pink felt make the interior shape of the ear using pattern. Cut out and trace to make a duplicate.

  2. Place pink felt on tan felt and trace a larger shape of the one you just made. Repeat for second ear.

  3. Glue pink felt on tan, glue and pinch ends together to make a 3D effect.

  4. Fold pinch to make the bottom of the ear flat and glue.

  5. Glue onto headband and be adorable!

unnamed (16) unnamed (17)

unnamed (18) unnamed (20)

Directions for Cookie Pillow:

1. Make a rough circle sketch on pillowcase, it does not have to be perfect – what cookie is?!

2. Sew circle leaving 4 inches to turn inside out and stuff.

3. Roughly cut chocolate chips from brown felt and glue onto tan fabric than has been turned right side out.

4. Stuff and stitch closed to finish your cookie pillow!

Pinterest Pin Inspiration—> click here


Painter Costume:

unnamed (32)


White Poster Board

5-6 assorted paint colors

large paint brush

Beret or 2 sheets of black felt

   Directions for Palette :

 1.  Draw the shape of a painters palette on the poster board and cut out. Don’t forget the thumb hole

 2. Along the edges generously apply circles of assorted colors – arrange any way you’d like!

unnamed (21)

Directions for Beret:

  1. From both felt sheets cut a circle of the same size.

  2. With one circle, cut a smaller circle in the middle out.

  3. Sew circle pieces together, then fold inside out, creating a homemade beret!

Just add a paintbrush to complete this outfit.

 unnamed (50)

Painter Inspiration —> click here

What a great DIY costume for your little artist! #halloween2013



mia malificent


6 pieces of Black Felt

2 pieces of Black Glitter Felt

2 medium-sized styrofoam cones

Black Headband

Bendable metal wire (or 2 metal hangers) 

Silver Fabric Puff Paint


Hot Glue


Make the horns:

unnamed (26) unnamed (27)

unnamed (28)

unnamed (29) unnamed (30)

unnamed (41)

Make the collar for the costume:

unnamed (40) unnamed (39) unnamed (38)

Malificent Inspiration —> click here

 Dress up as Malificent this #Halloween:


Sims Costume:


Use the image from below for the Sims Headpiece.

Attach to a wire Hanger and a headband.

unnamed (15)

Sim Costume Pinterest Pin: click here


Donut Costume:



Child’s Swimming Tube

2 pieces of Yellow felt pieces

Blue, red,  orange, pieces of felt


Hot Glue

Brown Acrylic Paint

Paint Brush

unnamed (58)


First, paint the tube brown. 

Once dry, hot glue yellow “ICING” to the top of the donut. Just cut the yellow felt in an uneven pattern. 

Then, cut out different size and color “sprinkles” and hot glue them on top, too.

unnamed (57)

Pinterest Inspiration —> click here

Weekday Crafternoon: Easy Kid’s Doughnut Costume (


Superhero Cape and Arm Cuffs

superhero1 unnamed (33)

See directions on how to make this fun superhero cape and cuffs out of a t-shirt —-> click here


Scuba Diver

unnamed (7)


1 piece of Neon Pink Poster Board

2 empty (2-liter) bottles of soda

Sharpie Marker

Black Ski Cap

Dollar Store Safety Goggles

Neon Pink and Aqua Blue Acrylic Paint

Paint Brush

T-shirt (i used pink but you can do any color)

1 piece of construction paper (any color)

Metallic Duct Tape (1 inch thick)


Hot Glue Gun

Hole Puncher



Paint around the dollar store safety goggles neon pink.

unnamed (48) unnamed (47)

Let them dry! As they goggles dry cut out the flippers with neon pink poster board. Draw the flipper design on top with a Sharpie Marker. Then, punch hole each top side of the flippers to attach the twine that will be put around the child or adults ankle.

unnamed (55)

Paint your 2 (2 liter bottles) any color you like. I chose aqua blue.

Once the bottles are dry tape them together with the metallic 1 inch thick duct tape.

Then cut your t-shirt into 2 long pieces to make them look like back pack straps. 

Make sure to hot glue the velcro to the top and bottom of each strap for easy dressing for a child.

unnamed (46) unnamed (45)

Put all the accessories on and your child will look just like a scuba diver.

Pinterest Pin Inspiration —> click here

DIY: easy and inexpensive scuba diver halloween costume - Design Dazzle #DIYhalloweencostume, #halloweencostume, #scubadiver:


Skull Costume

unnamed (5)

Using an old white t-shirt cut out the holes in the shirt for a Skeleton look. Make sure to wear black under your clothes.


Bag of Jelly Beans

unnamed (6)

This was a cute idea we saw on Pinterest… using a clear garbage bag, balloons, and ribbon.

unnamed (37) Some GREAT homemade costumes, like this one - a bag of jellybeans!!:

Pinterest Pin —> click here


Flower Pot Costume

unnamed (8)


1 White Piece of Foam Board

Fake Flowers

1 cotton thick stretch headband- Green

1 watering can

Brown Acrylic Paint

Hot Glue Gun

Hole puncher

Box cutter



Paint the foam board brown.

Once dry, have an adult be very careful and use the box cutter to cut out the shape of a flower pot.

Hot glue or tape the fake flowers to the back of the flower pot.

And then, hot glue the fake flowers to the headband.

 unnamed (42)

Have your child hold a watering can to use as a Trick or Treat container.

I have to give credit to my creative Mother In Law for this costume idea that she gave me.

Thanks Momma! : )

unnamed (43) 12106794_978350335560821_741607501081421651_n


Cat Lady

 unnamed (9) group costume4



Pajama Pants


Fun colored showering cap

Stuffed Animal Cats and Kittens

Dollar Store fun plastic glasses

White Name Tag

Sharpie Marker

Needle and Thread


unnamed (49)


Attach a cat to the top of the shower cap with your needle and thread.

unnamed (51)

Attach the other stuffed animal cats to your bathrobe with a needle and thread.

Put on your pajama pants, slippers, robe with cats all over it. Write a fun saying like I love my cats on the name tag. 

Put on your fun glasses and shower cap. And look as adorable as Elizabeth does as the Cat Lady!


Pinterest Pin: click here


Orange Is The New Black

unnamed (13) unnamed (14)


Orange Nurse Scrubs

Name Tag and Holder

  • Optional Fake Tattoos    – Kady wore this last year for a costume party and it looked great!



Operation Game Costume

unnamed (10)


Grey Sweatshirt and Sweatpants

Red Felt

White Felt

Black Fabric Paint

Hot Glue Gun

Safety Pins

Clown Nose


Red and White Boxers


Cut out the pieces of the Operation Game Board in White

unnamed (31)

Make the Red Felt around the White Pieces Bigger than the white pieces and hot glue them together.

Trace the outside of the red felt with the black fabric paint.

unnamed (52) unnamed (53) unnamed (54)

Attach the pieces to the shirt and pants with safety pins.

*Krafty Kady Tip: Never attach anything to your clothing if you can so you can still use the clothing after using it for a costume. Safety Pins are the best!*

Make sure you have your nose and pliers ready and your costume is complete!

Pinterest Inspiration —> click here

Homemade Halloween costume. Operation Game guy.:

We had a great time dressed up. It is always so much fun doing segments with fellow Momee Friend Elizabeth Hashagen as she always loves to be dressed for the segment and is always as excited to craft along with us!

adult costumes3 fall fun

I think the kids not only did a great job and I thank them all for helping us model the costumes. But, I think they had a great time helping us too.

(Photo Credit: Taylor Adamczyk – News 12 )

group costume group costume7

I want to thank my best friend Kady for helping me with all of these costumes and you can check out her blog Krafty Kady —> click here

You will see her great decorating ideas, nail art, recipes and crafts all on one Krafty blog.

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