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 We always have a great time with fellow Momee crafter, Elizabeth Hashagen.

In our Holiday Crafts segment we will be showing you crafts that your kids can make to give as gifts for the holidays.

Holiday Crafts news12-2015

No matter what holiday your family celebrates we have some cute ideas that your kids will love to make and your loved ones will love to receive.

Tinsel Pipe Cleaner Headbands

First, Elizabeth and I are wearing headbands easily made from tinsel pipe cleaners. I took blue and silver pipe cleaners and wrapped them around one another to make a Hanukkah Headband. Elizabeth is wearing the red and green headband for a Christmas Headband.

tinsel headbands tinsel headbands 1

Jingle Bell Bracelets

Also, made with tinsel pipe cleaners these bracelets are festive and noisy fun with jungle bells stringed along on them. (and the best part is I found the pipe cleaners and jingle bells at the dollar store. What a HUGE SCORE that was!) 

jingle bell bracelet

jingle bell bracelet 1 jingle bell bracelet 2

Foot Print and Hand Print Holiday Aprons


Elizabeth is wearing the adorable Rudolph Handprint Apron.

All you need to do is one brown handprint upright and one facing down (shown in picture below) and then decorate the hands with a Christmas ribbon at the neck and attach the jingle bell with hot glue. Add one giant googly eye and one sparkly red pom pom for the nose.

reindeer handprints rudolph hand print

 I am wearing the adorable Penguin Footprint Apron.

To make the penguins use a blue finger paint and paint your child’s foot placing it on top of the apron. Paint the center of the penguin white and then add your google eyes and orange paint for the nose. I added snowflakes around with blue and silver puffy paint.

penguin footprints penguin footprint

MistleTOES Canvas Painting

This is an adorable foot print gift to give to your loved ones from those little ones in your family.

Inspired by a Pinterest Pin —> here

Mistletoes footprints

Homemade Holiday Cards

I made generic holiday cards using construction paper, googly eyes and a glue stick.

Penguin holiday card snowman holiday card

Making homemade items means so much more to the person who receives them and it is a great thing to teach our kids.

news 12 crafts

Magical Reindeer Food

reindeer food

We love the idea of giving this as a gift to classmates or to other kids in your family. The idea is that you sprinkle the reindeer food on your lawn to attract the reindeer to your house. One ingredient is sugar and this will help the reindeer see your house shimmering in the dark night. So cute!

This was a Pinterest find —> click here


Cotton Ball Snowman Ornament- I wanted to make a cute snowman using plastic ornaments. I thought what would be an easy way for a toddler to make the craft? and I knew I had to go with cotton balls. So, just fill your plastic ornament with cotton balls and then have an adult hot glue two large googly eyes and one triangle construction paper nose. Using a Permanent Black Marker Draw the circle dots to make the mouth. Your ornament is complete!

snowman ornament

*Momee Tip: I use Pipe Cleaners on my ornaments to hang them on the tree. This is more safe then the metal ones that hurt fingers and toes. *

Hot Cocoa Ornament – I filled the ornament with hot cocoa about a 1/3 of the way. I added festive nonpareil sprinkles and then loaded the ornament up with mini marshmallows.

hot cocoa ornament

Plastic Container Picture Snow Globe

I love homemade gifts that include the kids photos. This is an easy gift using a plastic reusable container and a holiday picture.

container snowglobe

On the bottom lid attach the photo and the pom poms. And on the deeper lid which will be the front of the snow globe attach stretched out cotton balls to look like snow on the bottom inside of the container. Close the container and attach a pipe cleaner for hanging and snowflake stickers to the outside like I did.

container snowglobe 1 container snowglobe 2

Pom Pom Christmas Tree

This was a cute Pinterest find I had to make. It is colorful and bright.

See it —> here

pom pom christmas tree

Paper Plate Christmas Tree

This was a Pinterest idea my brother sent me and I fell in love with how easy and fun it is for little ones to make. Plus, I love using paper plates for crafts.

See the pin —> here

paper plate tree

Cardboard Tube Menorah

This is a great Hanukkah craft for little ones. Why? because there is no need for a real flame when you can use yellow tissue paper as your flame each night of Hanukkah. And just like the miracle of Hanukkah these flames will never burn out or burn little fingers.

tp tube menorah

I also made a Star of David using silver tinsel pipe cleaners.

Hanukkah Gelt Gift

Using a Mason Jar you can make a perfect Hanukkah gift for a loved one. Inside the jar I included a piece of light blue felt and attached white sticky tabs and wrote Happy Hanukkah with a black permanent marker. What makes it so simple is just add in a dreidel and a bag of chocolate gelt.

hannukah gelt gift 1 Hannukah gelt gift

We hope you tune in and enjoy our Holiday Help segment on News 12 Long Island – airing tomorrow Monday: November 30th, 2015 featuring all the crafts seen here.

from our Momee Craft corner to yours… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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