Wet Head Challenge

We love this new game and I know you will, too.

 Adults and kids will love playing and I guarantee it will bring lots of laughs to a family BBQ, game night or birthday party. Will you be the Wet Head at your next family get together?

wethead 2

The game is simple enough. You fill the cap with water , strap the hat on your head, spin the spinner and follow the directions indicated on the spinner.

wethead 3 wethead 4

This roulette style game will bring excitement to all ages and the loser is the person who gets a Wet Head.

wethead 1 wethead

In the video below you will see that my husband pulled his first pin and got soaked on the first try. I could not stop laughing and the amount of water pouring down his face is hysterical.



“You will be able to film each other playing wet head challenge with the app and immediately post it to social media and YouTube with the hashtag #WetHeadChallenge.”

As much as you will want to win this game. The kids will love every second of losing, too. Look at this smile as my daughter loses the game and gets drenched.

wethead 5

We highly recommend buying this game and bringing lots of laughable memories to your family game night.

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