Inspirational Child of the Year Ceremony

Our 2nd Annual,  Let ALL the Children Play in May event happened on May 22nd, 2016. At the event we had the pleasure of sharing the incredible stories of how our local children are making a difference in our community. Our event welcomed ALL families to enjoy a fun-filled day at the LATCP playground at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow. We were over joyed when Nassau COunty Executive, Ed Mangano joined us to present our awards to these amazing children.

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Each month, Momee Friends of Long Island gives special recognition to an outstanding child who voluntarily gives back to our community. They serve as an inspiration to others, demonstrating how small acts of kindness and compassion positively impact the greater community. They are nominated by their parents, family members, friends and neighbors.

Meet the children making a difference in our community:

Aaron, who reminds us to Be Happy and Be Brave especially during the month of May because it is Brain Cancer Awareness Month and he is on a mission to raise awareness for brain cancer in our community.

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Dylan, has an abundance of love and shows an amazing amount of kindness towards others.

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Victoria, is educating others about her amazing pets and interviewing very influential people like Jack Hannah, Buzz Aldrin, and Jane Goodall to name a few. Her interviews are informative and so interesting that kids and adults alike will love to watch her in action.

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Lana, was upset to think that there were people who did not have food to eat. She started a campaign online with t-shirts and with the money she raised, Lana shopped for food that local pantries were in need for. Her charity is called Lana’s Hunger Dream.

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Ben, chose Let All The Children Play as the organization of his choice for his Mitzvah Project. the Loetman’s have been gathering monetary donations as well as various balls, wiffle bats, arts and crafts supplies, and balloons for those who attend the Inclusive Programs here at LATCP. His incredible act of kindness will benefit ALL the children who come to the playground.

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George is a scout here on Long Island and his scout project this year is helping the LATCP playground. George and Michelle decided that the buddy bench located by the musical chimes would be a great addition to the park. A buddy bench is a designated seating area where those feeling lonely or upset can seek friendship from another child at the park. He has painted the bench with the bright purple and green colors of LATCP and this is only the beginning of how George plans to add beautiful touches to the park.

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As you can see all of these children are making a huge difference in our community. Whether they are showing compassion and love to others or volunteering their time with those in our community to benefit their local neighbors or animals. These children represent that no matter your age you can make a difference and your hard work is appreciated.

Now, for our Inspirational Child of the Year, Miss Kate Clyne. Last year we came across Kate’s Facebook page Piece by Piece Bethpage. We were so amazed by her and how one child could be positively impacting her town in such a big way. It was because of Kate that we came up with the Shining Child of the month. We knew so many children were making positive influences in our community just like she was and they deserved to be recognized for their efforts.

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 Kate at the age of 6  began talking about Autism to her peers and she decided she wanted to hand out blue ribbons to her class on April 2nd for Autism Awareness Day. Kate explains that Autism is invisible and even though you can see her brother Michael what you don’t see is that he has Autism. Every year since 1st grade what Kate does in her school to raise awareness grows and so does her passion according to her mother, Jeanie.

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The love that Kate has for her brother is heartwarming and endearing. She always has her brother’s back and I want her to realize that what she is doing for the Autistic Community by raising awareness not just in the month of April but all year-long proves she has everyone’s back. For a ten-year old girl she has an amazing presence and beauty (inside and out). We are so proud to have Kate here and honor her in front of all of her peers.

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Read about this wonderful ceremony on the Nassau County Website: here

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