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We love the fall and creating fun things for Thanksgiving.

The ideas we have are edible and will bring a lot of smiles to your Thanksgiving Party.


*Popcorn and Kix Husks


How cute are these for your fall party?


Using Kix cereal or popcorn these can be used as a favor or a treat for your harvest party.

Materials needed:

Ziploc sandwich bags


Kix Cereal

Light green and yellow tissue paper

Yellow ribbon


First, fill your Ziploc sandwich bags with popcorn or Kix Cereal.

corn-kix corn-8

Then, take one piece of yellow tissue paper and green tissue paper and put them one on top of the other. Fold the tissue paper in half and then place the filled ziploc bag in the top right corner of the tissue paper. Now, cut the tissue paper in half with scissors taking off the bottom half.

corn-1 corn-3

Begin to roll the tissue paper around the bag by bringing the top left corner over the filled sandwich bag.


Wrap completely and tie the bottom with a yellow ribbon.

corn-5 corn-6

Cut off the bottom excess as shown in the picture below.

Place in a basket and your corn husk favors are complete!

corn-7 corn-9


*Turkey Pudding Pack

Transform your pudding pack into a turkey.

I was inspired to use construction paper and wiggly eyes to make these cute turkey pudding packs when I saw this idea on Pinterest. CLICK HERE





*Teepee Cones

These are a delicious and fun addition to your fall party. Kids and adults will love making these and eating them.


Supplies needed:

Sugar Cones

Fudge Frosting

Pretzel Sticks

Fall Sprinkles



Place the cone upside down on your plate.



Cut the top tip of the cone off (enough that you can fit 3 pretzel sticks inside).

teepee1 teepee2

Then spread the chocolate pudding on top and on the bottom rim.

Decorate with sprinkles and you are complete!

teepee3 teepee6

Groups of kids will love creating these adorable teepee cones.

They are delicious!

img_9787 img_9782

Want a healthy version?

Thanksgiving Treats for Kids - The Idea Room

Pin this idea —-> here

  Just put the cone on its side and fill with your favorite fruit for an edible Fruit Cornucopia.


momee keychain

Please tune into News 12 this Monday- October 17th, 2016 during the morning show to see these edible treats!

Check out News 12 Fall Fun Segments and see ours under Make Your Own Monday  —> here



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