The Lemonade Stand Cookbook

Get inspired with The Lemonade Stand Cookbook by Kathy Strahs!

This is not your typical book. It has a gorgeous layout with fantastic lemonade stand drink recipes, baked good recipes, craft ideas and a list of ways to make your lemonade stand a success. After seeing the amazing tips and beautiful photos you will want to set up a stand right away, I know we did.

“Lemonade stands have become big business. Kids have been running them for decades, whether to raise money for a new bike, for a charitable cause, or simply to conquer boredom. Inspired by dozens of kid entrepreneurs from all over the country, Kathy Strahs pours her expertise as a food writer, entrepreneur and mother of two into the ultimate guide to setting up one’s own lemonade stand. Step-by-step illustrations and full-color photographs of each recipe (lemonades and snacks) and many creative crafts make each page easy and fun for budding entrepreneurs.”

After reading the book my kids could not wait to do their own Lemonade Stand. We wanted to do a Lemonade stand for a good purpose and with our best friends. Once we heard that one of our favorite local animals at the Ecology Center near our house needed our help, we wanted to help raise money for him. Pooh Bear who is a 19 year-old black bear who lives at the ecology center with his sister Honey needs some very expensive medication to treat his osteoarthritis.

The night before our first sale we made some signs and flyers and told our local neighborhood families through social media about the Lemonade Stand for Pooh Bear. Find out more about Pooh Bear —> Here


Thanks to The Lemonade Stand Cookbook we knew we just didn’t want to sell Lemonade. We wanted to add some extras so we were inspired to make some Gummi Bear Bags that we sold for 50 cents. We then tied tags on the bags that said, Thank you for Supporting Pooh Bear with his picture. We also, gave everyone a FREE Bracelet for coming to our lemonade stand. One bracelet was yellow for the lemonade stand and one was black for our favorite black bear, Pooh.


See some Sample Recipes from The Lemonade Stand: here

The polka dot blondies are yummy and easy to make! You can not go wrong with brownies, everyone loves them, don’t they?

polka dot blondies


Since all of the kids are young we knew that the Lemonade Stand would be a short duration since it was our first lemonade stand (especially on a hot and humid summer day). So we did the Lemonade Stand during lunch time 11am to 1pm. The kids enjoyed “ringing up” customers on the toy cash registers. For every sale that came through the kids put the money into the donation box for Pooh bear that we made the night before using a cardboard box and foam pieces to make a pooh Bear look-alike.


We were all so excited when the first donation came in at $20.00 it was a great start to our sale for Pooh Bear.

The kids shouted, “Lemonade for sale” and did an amazing job raising money for such a great cause dear to our hearts. They were even more excited when once the sale was over we went to the Ecology Site and gave them $115.00 for Pooh Bear’s Medication.


We even had a sign where our pictures could be tagged #LIPoohbear on social media.

The ecology site wrote on their Facebook page:

“Pooh Bear is so happy today! His little friends heard about him not feeling well and wanted to help raise money for his medication. Mia, Olivia, Krysta, AJ, Rylee and their moms Anne and Nikki set up a lemonade stand for two hours and raised $115.00 for Pooh Bear. Thank you very much for loving and supporting our boy Pooh! He is looking forward to seeing you soon!



We hope when you buy your copy of The Lemonade Stand Cookbook that you get inspired like we did and have a successful Lemonade Stand.


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