News 12- Dinosaur Fun

Kids of all ages and adults love dinosaurs!

These sensory activities will keep the kids busy and happy for hours.

These activities are fun to make for a rainy day or to use when playing outside.


RAWRRRRRRRRRRR… have kids break open these dinosaur eggs made from mud, sand, water, salt and flour.

See how to make these: HERE




Kids will love the gritty feel of this fossil dough made from your left over coffee pot coffee and coffee grinds mixed with some flour and salt. Have your dinosaurs stomp in the dough for some fun dino footprints.

See how to make it: HERE

Sensory Dinosaur Play Plate

Make your own Dinosaur Play Area made with sand, rocks and leaves.

See my Pinterest Pin Inspiration for this Dino sensory area:


Hope you enjoyed our #LISummer segment on News 12 Long Island with fellow Momee Friend, Elizabeth Hashagen!

See the segment on News 12 —> HERE

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