Pooh the Black Bear at Brookhaven Wildlife Center

Support the Brookhaven Wildlife Center by helping raise money for Pooh the resident Black Bear.

According to the Brookhaven Wildlife Center, Pooh says: “I am getting older, I am 19 years old now and have been struggling over the past few months, getting old is hard on us bears too. I have Osteoarthritis and it causes me pain and stiffness and I limp when I walk. Thankfully my fantastic veterinarians found a medication, and my wonderful caretakers give it to me when I need it. It helps me to feel better and it doesn’t hurt as much when I walk. The problem is it costs A LOT of money…..$400 a month!

Brookhaven Wildlife Center is a registered 501 C 3 non-profit organization that supports and cares for the animals living at the Town of Brookhaven’s Holtsville Ecology Site. Brookhaven Wildlife Center, raises the funds necessary for the costs of feed and medical care for the animals at the preserve through private donations. It is a completely separate entity from the Town of Brookhaven, The town does not monetarily contribute to the cost of their feed or veterinary care.


Please help Pooh stay on his medication and buy a “Pooh Bear” from Rainbow Kat CreationsFrom July 1st to July 31st for every purchase of this special Pooh $16.00 will be donated to Brookhaven Wildlife Center and the remainder will go towards the purchase of materials & supplies for next month’s charity. Any money left over after the purchase of materials will be added to the total donation for this month’s charity.



If you don’t want to buy a bear but, want to support the cause, you could mail in a check:
Brookhaven Wildlife Center
PO Box 3
Holtsville NY 11742


Located at : 249 Buckley Road in Holtsville, NY 11742

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