DIY Countdown Ball Pinata for New Years Eve

Every party needs a pinata! This countdown ball pinata is the perfect way to ring in the New Year with your family and friends. When you make it yourself it will cost little to make but just give yourself at least 2 to 3 days to get it ready for your party night.

new years eve countdown pinata

Materials needed:

Latex Balloon


2 cups of flour

2 cups of water

tablespoon of salt

White Paint and Black Paint (Acrylic works great)

Plastic Gems, Glitter, Stickers (to decorate with)



Be sure to cover the area you are working with this is a messy job. Fun and messy : )

 First, Blow up your balloon as large as you can without it popping. You want it to be big enough to fill all your goodies into.

Cut your newspaper into strips. You will use these newspaper strips to cover the balloon.

Then, in a large bowl mix flour, water and salt until a thick batter forms for you to use.

Now, cover your newspaper strips in the batter and cover the balloon completely. You don’t want to see any of the balloon except. A double layer is needed to make it is sturdy enough to hold all the goodies that will be in the piñata once you fill it.

countdown ball pinata 3

Let dry for at least 24 hours. You want the balloon to be completely dry and you will see it becomes completely hard. You can take a push-pin and pop the balloon once it is completely dry and then, cut a circle into the top with a knife.

countdown ball pinata 1 IMG_7168

Put two holes on each side of the hole you just cut so that you can put your rope through that you will hang the piñata with. Fill the piñata with noise makers and/ or candy and then attach the top back on. If you are really adventorous add in confetti for the New year but I suggest breaking it outside then so you don’t have confetti and glitter all over your house.

Now, is the fun part get your white paint and cover the news paper print with it. I shook the glitter on the wet white paint so that I would not have to glue the glitter on and it worked great because it dried with the paint.  Once dry, paint 2016 with black paint and hot glue your gems all over the countdown ball.

countdown ball pinata 2

Your countdown ball pinata is ready to use once it is dry.

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