News 12: Kid Friendly New Year’s Eve Party

On New Year’s Eve the kids have to have fun too! Here are some kid-friendly treats and drinks that they will love.

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Have your kidee table this New Year’s Eve look super fun with these fun ideas:

Kidee “Champagne”

We always need some fun drinks at a New Year’s Party. Our Kidee “Champagne” includes White Grape Juice and Sprite. The colored drinks got their color from the rock candy stirrer we added into the glass. Some of the drinks we just added in gummi bears or gummi worms or just added a fruit slice to the rim to make it look fancier and more delicious.

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I was inspired on Pinterest for the drinks we used:

Found on

 Making one or more of these yummy mocktails for our family New Year's celebration this year!

New Year’s Cupcakes

These cupcakes are so cute to have displayed on your table.

new years treats 2 new years cupcakes 1 new years cupcakes

Inspired by:

Count-Down Cupcakes:   Found on

Fruitty Pebble Treat Countdown Balls

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Make your Fruitty Pebble Treats using the Fruitty Pebble Treat recipe on the box. Ingredients needed are the Fruitty Pebbles, marshmallows and butter. Mix the ingredients together and once cooled form the treats into balls and place a lollipop stick into it. (seen below)

fruitty pebble ball fruitty pebble ball 1

I typed up Happy New Year and printed it out and then glued the words onto some neon card stock.

I was inspired by this Fruitty Pebble New Years treat found on Pinterest. But, I thought it would be more fun to have the festive colors as a countdown ball then as a flat square treat.

Last minute New Year's Eve Cereal Treats to ring in 13! (Sugar Swings): Found on

Confetti Sunglasses and Confetti Ring

You can make your own fun rings and sunglasses like the ones Elizabeth and I are wearing!

news 12 new years eve

My fabulous best friend, Krafty Kady helped me make these adorable confetti rings and confetti glasses using pipe cleaners. For the glasses we used dollar store black framed sunglasses and popped the lens out of each eye. We wrapped the metallic silver and/ or gold around the frame and then added the confetti “eyelashes” on each side. I think they came out adorable and were super fun.

Inspiration came from Pinterest:

Easy Fireworks Ring Craft for Kids...great for New Year's and Fourth of July Found on


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Segment air date: December 28th, 2015

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Follow our Pinterest Board of all fun New Years Eve ideas: here

I got the Rock Candy and Fruit Slices from family owned Ralph’s Rottens

I always turn to Ralph Rotten’s Candy & Nut Shoppe in Centereach when I need candy. They have classic candy and homemade candies, baskets, and so much more. Read more

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