Shining Child- Cara Scaduto

Cara’s love for animals and compassion for others is why she is our Shining Child of the month.

Meet nine-year old, Cara Scaduto. Cara is very artistically talented and she puts that talent to great use. She is making a difference with her artistic talent in our community in big ways. Whether her art is helping animals who need to be adopted or to raise money and collect food for a local Long Island food pantry, her efforts have not gone unnoticed.

For the animals who need adoption Cara makes posters. She draws a picture of the animal who needs adoption and writes a little story about the pet on each poster in hopes a good home will be found. The poster seen below is of a dog named Toogie who according to Cara’s mom, Diane found his fur-ever home a couple of weeks ago. How great is that? Way to go Cara! We are so happy for Toogie, too.

Cara was nominated by Geriann Glaviano who says, “Cara is a talented young girl filled with passion for animals. Although she is too young to volunteer at her local animal rescue, that didn’t stop her from helping find good homes for pets. What a large caring & loving heart she has!”

Over the summer we got to know Cara and her brother Michael through our Discover LI Program. Cara and Michael were so helpful in our efforts to support Lana’s World Hunger Dream and Long Island Cares by raising funds and collecting food. Both, Cara and Michael helped make necklaces that we sold at our Get Fit Fundraiser in August. Aren’t they beautiful?

Both, Cara and Michael did not stop there they even went around their neighborhood to get food donations for our fundraiser. With their hard work along with the other children in our program we were able to collect over 500 pounds of food and raise over $300 in sales from the event.


Cara’s parents told us that, “she is a sweet, loving girl who likes to be active running, singing and being with friends and family. When she grows up, she wants to be a horse veternarian. This desire is born of her great compassion for animals and their well being. She frequently visits the local animal shelter with her brother to play, feed and occasionally read to the animals so they make better companions when adopted to their forever homes. Cara has taken upon herself to start making posters to hang in local stores depicting the animals in the shelter so patrons of the stores are aware of animals needing a home.” They are so proud of Cara and her older brother Michael and rightfully so.

Thank you for making a difference in our community. Cara and inspiring others!


View Cara on our Shining Child page… here

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