PICKY EATER challenge from Mindful Eating

HEY KIDEES!  Are you a Picky Eater?

PICKY EATERS will not always be Picky Eaters but we must challenge them to try new things

What if we told you it is okay to play with your food…

Yes, Play with your Food! You read it right.

We are calling this the open-ended meal creation. *

*There is one rule and that is: Once you have created and finished playing with your food. You MUST eat it!*

Start with a sampling of food:

*(You can use any variety of healthy foods this is just an example)*

Yellow pepper

Here is the PICKY EATER challenge from Mindful Eating:

Let’s see what you can create out of your sampler of food.

What will you make? But, remember you have to eat it!

 My name is Lety Algeri and I am a Holistic Health Coach.

My job is to show you and your family all nutritous and healthy choices.

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My son and daughter played with their food and made their plate of food into fun images.

this is my son’s interpretation of a train:   

this is my daughter’s interpretation of a karate kid:

Picky Eater Fun with Momee Friends:

Make a PICKY EATER food chart with your parents/ caregivers.

See how —-> click here

What new foods are you trying?

Last Month Kidees who took the new food challenge:

Anthony: “I tried Broccoli but did not like it very much!”

Chloe: “I tried red sauce on my macaroni and it was so yummy!”

Mia, “I ate scrambled eggs this morning and it was okay.”

Samantha, “I tried Shrimp and loved it!”

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