Learn what your body is saying to you

As parents we all know that when hunger strikes, a tantrum can follow quickly!

Teach kids to get in tune with their body and learn cues from what their body is telling them.

Erika explains, “There are lots of cues from your heart beat to temperature to hunger and thirst. It is important we listen to our bodies to give it what it needs. This is true for both adults and kids.”

Erika found this great website by Gabi Garcia where she talks about her book, Listening To My Body.

Try talking about these cues with your kids and use this chart in the link below. Throughout the day you can reference your body and how it is feeling.

You will see how wonderful the worksheets are that Gabi Garcia has put together. I have an image of one of the worksheets below:

Download the activity guide: http://listeningtomybody.com/freebies.html


Hope you find these sheets as helpful as we did!

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