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Hi I’m Erika Burdick, Long Island native, mom and ACE  certified personal trainer. I love learning new exercises to challenge myself and helping friends and family stay motivated to live a healthy and active lifestyle.


After having my daughter, Harper in 2015 my time was extremely limited.  I needed to get creative just to find 30 minutes to workout. I thought I must not be the only mom struggling to find some balance. This sparked the idea for BFit Long Island. I became an ACE certified Personal Trainer and developed a 30 minute full body workout program to be done right in the comfort of your home.

 I aim to bring affordability and convenience to local families with my in home training.

I believe being active is not just for mom and dad. It is important to start living an active lifestyle early.

Too often our kids are inside with technology and not getting up and moving their body. This is why I am launching Fit Fam. Fit Fam is aimed to bring families together with exercise. Like my private 1 on 1 sessions the Fit Fam program is a 30 minute full body workout that includes cardio, resistance and flexibility training.  The sessions are fast paced and fun to keep our little ones interested. Together as a family you can be healthy, active and build confidence. 

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Written by: Erika Burdick

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