Making Healthy Counts…

We can all strive towards a healthier lifestyle and improve our entire families overall health.

Erika Burdick says, “Check out this chart. It is a great guideline if you don’t know where to start to with your family to get on a healthy living path. i love all of these and I stick to most of them except maybe the screen time.”

“Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital is dedicated to improving the health and lives of children and families. Use “Healthy Counts,” nine recommended health tips from the Healthy Weight Center, encouraged by all health educators at Spectrum Health”:

• Eight hours of sleep or more each night
• Seven breakfasts a week
• Six home-cooked meals a week
• Five servings of fruits and vegetables a day
• Four positive self-messages a day
• Three servings of low-fat dairy a day
• Two hours maximum screen time a day
• One hour or more of physical activity a day
• Zero sugary drinks a day

We feel for the most part these 9 steps are simple enough to achieve. Do you? I agree with Erika the hardest part I think for all families may be the screen time. Especially with the high use of tablets, phones, video games and computers.

Download a Poster or Placemat of the chart!

Download the free Healthy Counts materials, available with the support of Kohls Cares®.


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