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Now that school is starting back up parents all over are racking their brains…”what should I pack for lunch?”

Here is a school lunch check list (with a few examples) to make sure you are sending your kid to school with a healthy lunch thanks to Erika Burdick of B. Fit Long Island.

Step 1 –  starch + protein

–        turkey sandwich

–        hummus and crackers

–        chicken and rice

–        cheese quesadilla

Step 2 – fruit

–        apple

–        grapes

–        strawberries

–        clementine

Step 3 –  veggie

–        carrots

–        snap peas

–        broccoli

–        edamame

 Step 4 –  snack

–        String cheese

–        Yogurt

–        3 ingredient banana chocolate chip oatmeal cookies–> recipe here

–        Nuts and dried fruit

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