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It feels like it has been ages since we’ve played outside, but in reality it has only been a few weeks.

With these, dare I say frigid, days it’s easy for everyone to start to go a little stir-crazy. To keep the house from being torn apart, we’ve had to get a little creative around here (who would have a guessed a few strips of painters tape laid out on the floor could provide so much entertainment?).


During one of those single digit days we had last week, when Sloane was bouncing off the walls, I introduced her to “Simon Says”. Boy, was that a hit! We have been playing non-stop. One game, as she was “froggy hopping” and somersaulting across the living room floor, I found myself a little envious of all the fun she was having. So, I got up off the couch and joined in! If she was having fun before, let me tell you, having mommy playing along with her was a total game changer!

Sloane is a little young for us to take turns being “Simon” so we just play together, but if your kids are a little older, have fun taking turns! Your kids will love getting you to do silly things, and I guarantee through all the laughs you’ll forget all about the cold and the rain.


Here are some fun ideas for “Simon”:

1 Minute Dance Party Frog Hops
Jumping Jacks Downward Facing Dog
Burpees Push-ups
Super Jumps Touch Head
Crab Walk Touch Toes
Tree Pose Squats
Hop on 1 Foot Bear Crawl


If you’re up and playing this weekend, we want to see your pictures! Be sure to include #momeefriendsli.


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