Breathing Exercises for Kids

At the end of the day it is great to de-stress and just breathe!

Breathing exercises are great for everyone in your family to incorporate into your Fit Fam routine.

Erika Burdick of B. Fit Long Island sent me this great link and I have been incorporating these great breathing techniques into our night time routine.

The suggestions are fun and there is ten different breathing exercises highlighted in this article. The Elephant Breaths are great to start the day and we love the Bear Breaths before bed. The description for Bear Breaths is: “Bear breaths help your kid feel reflective and relax his mind and body. Tell your tyke to imagine a bear hibernating. Teach him to inhale air through nose and pause and count three, two, and one and exhale again before counting three, two, and one. Repeat it five times. Your kid will feel relaxed and stress-free.”

Fun Breathing Exercises for Kids:

Which breathing exercise will you try first? Let us what you think of this Fit Fam Tip.


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