“I Don’t Want to Do This”- Darren Sardelli

Here is a Laugh-A-Lot Poetry poem by award winning local Long Island Author and Poet- Darren Sardelli.

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I Don’t Want To Do This!


I don’t want to do this!

It’s something I dread.

I’d rather pour grape juice

on top of my head.


I’ll sit on a pizza.

I’ll dye my hair blue.

I’ll kiss the old lady

who lived in a shoe.


I’d rather eat seaweed

or swim in a puddle

than do this assignment

assigned by Miss Tuddle.


I doubt I can do this.

It fills me with fright.

I can’t write a poem

for homework tonight!

Poem Copyright © Darren Sardelli (All Rights Reserved)

We wanted to feature this poem by Darren Sardelli today since we are talking about Disney Pixar’s Inside Out. We were so inspired by the movie and the emotion characters within the movie that we wanted to start the conversation with our kids today about DISGUST with a Laugh-A-Lot poem.

disgust1 Found on pixar.wikia.com

Read this poem with your children and figure out why the child in this poem may be feeling DISGUST?  What are the things that they would rather do?

When we feel DISGUST about something and we have not given it a try yet, we sometimes do not realize there can be JOY felt instead of DISGUST once we have completed the task at hand.

Momee Friends of Long Island really enjoys all the poems that Darren Sardelli shares with us.

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