Useful Tips For Choosing a Power Drill

When it comes to choosing the right power drill for you, this may appear as a confusing process due to all the drill-buying-jargon that exists out there. There is a wide range of power drills and tools out there, and this post is going to explore some useful tips to help narrow down your search. 

1. Use Buying Guides And Online Advisors

First and foremost, you will have to do your research to help you find that perfect power drill for you. The professionals behind point out that using online resources such as buying guides and online advisors allow you to find reliable, useful reviews all in one place. If you are looking for a review on a specific power drill, just type it in and you’ll have access to plenty of reviews. While it may seem like a pain to filter through all these reviews, they contain such important information as often you will find someone who has chosen a drill for the same reasons as you, and then they can shed some clarity on it before you commit.

2. What Is The Drill Being Used For?

Whether you are a DIY guru or someone who has never used a power drill before, it is important to know exactly what the drill is being used for before buying any old power drill. What you are planning on drilling into will determine what tool to buy. If you are looking for a power drill just to have in general then you would consider buying something a bit more versatile such as a corded rotary hammer drill, as this can drill into a variety of dense materials. 

Another thing you have to consider when buying power drills is the features that come with them. Some features will be more relevant to your job than others. For example, some drills come with LED lights on the front so that you can see clearly where you are drilling. So if you are doing a job down in the basement, a drill with a light would be beneficial to you.

3. Corded Or Cordless?

A good place to start when considering what drill to buy is to know whether you want to go corded or cordless. Corded drills tend to be lighter as they do not have a battery pack, however, with a corded drill you will always have to have an extension lead to be able to access the electricity mains. While a cordless drill will be heavier, it will give you greater freedom as you can take it and use it anywhere, without having to lug around large extension cables. There are pros and cons to both, but it is important to note that the more powerful cordless tools are typically more expensive than the corded counterparts.  Deciding between corded and cordless can be difficult as there is a lot to consider, but there are plenty of online resources to help you decide. 

4. Familiarise Yourself With The Different Types Of Drills

Understanding the different types of drills available will help you know what one is best for you. Each drill offers different things, and so to help shed some clarity, listed below are some popular drill types and what they are good for.

  • Drill Drivers: this drill is a nice versatile option that is ideal for doing small jobs around the home, for example assembling furniture, hanging frames, and putting up shelving units. 
  • Combi Drills: these types of drills are a combination of 3 in one, making it a good all-rounder.
  • Impact Drivers: these are used for more heavy-duty and regular jobs. It features an impact mechanism that absorbs the impact to prevent your wrist from taking it all. They are compact and lightweight, especially when compared to drill drivers.
  • Hammer Drills: These drills are used for drilling through hard surfaces such as concrete. If you have more heavy-duty jobs to do around the home, then the hammer drill is a better option than your drill driver. 
  • SDS Hammer Drills: SDS drills are similar to hammer drills, but they are designed to be more comfortable and more able to drill through tougher materials with less difficulty. 

5. Ask Around

Often the best way to find out what power drill is best for you is by asking around, speaking to neighbors, colleagues, family, and friends about the types of tools they use around the house. By talking to people and checking out reviews online, not only will you have a good idea of what to get but you will also find the best places to purchase your power drill. 

Having a power drill will certainly make your life at home or at work much easier. But of course, it’s harder to find one that suits your needs. Thanks to the tips stated above, you can find one that suits your needs.

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