Halloween Handprint/ Footprint Crafts

There is nothing cuter than those 10 little fingers and ten little toes especially as a keepsake craft.


These are some cute ideas I have done and have pinned from others on Pinterest.
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Pumpkin Decorating

How are you going to decorate your pumpkins this year?


Below are ideas for you and your family to decorate your pumpkins.
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The Spooky Moon Balloons

jenniferroman1 spookyballoons2

Local Long Island author Jennifer Roman has written this adorable children’s book, The Spooky Moon Balloons.
“The comical world of “The Spooky moon Balloons” is a place where lovable creatures try to spook all day and night but remain as charming as can be.  “The Spooky Moon Balloons is a laugh out loud Halloween keepsake tale.  This book celebrates the spirit of Halloween and the excitement of Trick or Treat.  there is always fun to be had on Halloween and this book is one kids will want to read again and again.”

spookybaloons spookyballoons1

Yes it is a Halloween book but your child will love to read it year round. My three-year old loves to read Halloween books and playing pretend. Trick or treating is so exciting to her and she looks forward going door to door ringing the doorbell and getting treats from our friendly neighbors. This children’s book brings Halloween to life in a delightful way that all children will love it.

I recommend getting Spooky Moon Balloons for your child. —–> purchase here

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Author Spotlight: Jennifer Roman

A local Long Island Momee and children’s author Jennifer Roman has written a great children’s book called The Spooky Moon Balloons. This is only her first published book and she has another book coming out as early as 2015.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer so we can get to know her and her first book.

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Monster Bash


Written by a local Long Island Momee and teacher this children’s book will be one your kids will love to read over and over again.

Stephanie Shulman wrote a Halloween poem fifteen years ago with no intention of it becoming a children’s book. She came across it five years later and she thought it would make a cute book for kids and that’s when she decided to write Monster Bash.

Monster Bash – “An unexpected thunderstorm during a Halloween costume party washes away a little monster’s insecurities and reveals the surprising, true identities of the other guests, allowing everyone there to learn the value of being unique.”


Monster Bash can be purchased on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble for $7.99

I highly recommend this book for kids to read. There is a positive message to be accepting of everyone because everyone is unique and their own person and that is a great thing. 

Check out Stephanie Shulman’s author spotlight on Mome Friends—-> click here

Author Spotlight: Stephanie Shulman

Stephanie Shulman is a local Momee Friend and teacher who has published two great children’s books The Nose Pickers and Monster Bash when she is not writing she is a 1st grade school teacher. Any child will love her books and I highly recommend them.

mommyblog2 literacy luau 037

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Halloween Lunchbox Ideas

My daughter loves when her food in her lunchbox is fun and she can show it to her friends at school. Here are some cute ideas to make your child’s lunch fun too.


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