Momee Poll: Family Summer Vacation

Where are you and your family planning on going this summer for your summer vacation?

Whether it is a local vacation, somewhere to add to your passport or even a family week at home. What are you planning on doing?… let me know : )

I am planning on going with my parents to Myrtle Beach at some point and can not wait to go! Love family time : )

Wipes Container for Bubbles

I love to reuse my containers instead of throwing them out.

The Huggies Wipes container ( and I am sure any plastic wipes container) is perfect for bubbles.

mattyeric 095

mattyeric 076 mattyeric 075

I make my own bubbles solution with 2 cups of water, 1 cup of dishwashing soap ( Regular Dawn works great ) and 1/2 cup of corn syrup

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Seperation Anxiety- New Momee Going Back to Work

A local Momee Friend goes back to work on Monday after being on maternity leave the past 3 months with her new baby girl. This is her first child. She is going back full-time and her retired in-laws will be watching her daughter. Her family relies on her job for medical benefits and both her husband and her have to work to support their family. She is so sad about going back to work and leaving her daughter. Can anyone give her advice that was once in her shoes?

Going to work and leaving your brand new baby can be heart breaking. How do you deal with the seperation anxiety?

Momee Friends of Long Island on Pinterest

I made an account and started to add all of my crafts, recipes and fun ideas for the kids on Pinterest.

Please pin my pins to your board and help me spread the word to everyone about Momee Friends of Long Island Pinterest Boards.

I love being a Momee and sharing all of my ideas.

My daughter Mia makes life so much fun… I am a kid again doing all of these fun things with her.

I love Pinterest : )



Glover Farms

We went to Glover farms today and picked our own Strawberries

strawberrypick 016                strawberrypick 019            strawberrypick 015

Glover Farms is located at

633 Horseblock Road Brookhaven, New York 11719

Phone: (631)-286-7876

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