DIY Dirt Dino Eggs

Dinosaurs hidden in eggs… this is such a fun and inexpensive way to entertain the kids this summer.

diy dino eggs

Dinosaurs are so cool and ALL kids love them. Here is a simple way to hide miniature dinosaurs in dirt eggs that you make yourself.

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DINO-MYTE Family Event


This past Thursday we had a DINO-Myte time at Jungle Bob’s Reptile World with a dinosaur inspired event for families.

dino event 1

The event was held in the Outback at Jungle Bob’s Reptile World where on any day you can walk through and see some great animals but this past Thursday we not only had animal encounters but we had a family fun filled event. The families enjoyed a night with face painting and dino digs, they made volcanoes, did some arts and crafts and even did some Dinosaur movement all to celebrate the dinosaurs.

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Make your own Volcano

It is so easy to make your own Volcano and the kids will love it.

Things can get a little messy… but that is the fun part!

See how to make your own with household ingredients below.


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What’s the saying? There are two sides to every coin?  Good and bad, yin and yang, and with every pro there is a con.  We were recently criticized for the name of our company (Momee Friends, Inc.)  and being that it is Father’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to address the naysayer who feels as though our name leaves out other caregivers like Dads and grandparents, or other legal guardians.  On the contrary, Momee Friends salutes and celebrates all caregivers, especially on a day like Father’s Day!

 fathers day

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Shining Child- Kaylee Diaz

Meet our Shining Child of the Month for June Kaylee Diaz from Ronkonkoma. Kaylee is generous and cares for others. She thinks selflessly and is inspiring.


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