Plastic Cup Phones

I loved this game as a kid!! This simple craft will have you and your little one playing for hours…

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All you need:

2 solo cups ( big or small)  I used the smaller ones



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Using the nail put a hole in the bottom of each cup ( shown in the picture above )

The next step is to thread some yarn through and tie a knot inside each cup.

You have now made your plastic phones! Best part there is no charge to make these calls.

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*** Make sure once you are playing  you stand far enough away to where the string is taut. This allows the vibrations to travel from cup to cup, producing better sound. We made the string super long so we can play spies and here each other in other rooms. ***

mommyblog1 021    Mia come in… can you here mommy?

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We played for over an hour and I know we will be playing again really soon!!

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