9 Fun Ways to Surprise Your Kids

Seeing your kids smile is one of the most important things as a parent. Fortunately, making children happy does not always take a lot of effort. A simple surprise may be enough to keep them smiling for the rest of the day. Here are a few fun ways to surprise your kids.

1. Sleep Overs

Children love sleepovers and arranging for one with their friends will always be a fun surprise. With some friends, a good movie, popcorn, sleeping bags, and some drinks, they can have a sleepover to remember. Their friends will be happy too and their parents are likely to return the favor soon.

There are many ways to make a sleepover fun depending on the age of your kids. Activities like decorating cupcakes, indoor camping, and watching scary movies are classics. The perfect sleepover is balanced. It includes energy-intensive kid activities mixed with more sedate options. Tire the kids out before offering relaxing activities like manicures or watching movies. Repeat the cycle until they finally fall asleep.

2. Weekly Treats

The promise of a treat at the end of the week will keep your kids happy and excited for the weekend. Keeping the treat of the week a surprise will make them even more excited. Healthy treats do not need to be expensive. With coupons, you can purchase various healthy snacks without having to spend much. Coupons can help you save money when buying your favorite products, and you can find more here information about different types of coupons. Consider giving your kids extra treats when they have been doing well with their school work or extracurricular activities. Letting kids know that you appreciate their effort may encourage them to work harder. The best treat for your child depends on their age and preferences.

3. Balloons

Most kids love balloons. They are fun and a great way to cheer them up especially after a bad day. You do not need to save balloons for special days.

Pick balloons that match the age, gender, and preferences of your child. Younger kids, for example, may prefer character balloons like superheroes, dragons, clowns, or Disney characters. Older kids may prefer less dramatic options. 

Spend time blowing up balloons with them and decorating their bedrooms. Alternatively, you can blow up balloons while they are asleep or away at school. They would be pleasantly surprised to wake up to or come home to their favorite balloons.

4. Game Night

Family bonding is fun and your kids will enjoy a surprise game night. Even though you may spend time with your kids every day, pulling out board games, puzzles, or other fun games will make the time even more memorable. It is even better when they did not expect it. Pick games that your kids enjoy. Whether you choose puzzles or options that involve dancing, make the experience memorable.

5. Arts and Crafts

Give your kids the chance to explore their creative side while spending some time with the family. You always have a reason to pull out some glue, markers, and glitters. Your kids would be pleasantly surprised to find them laid out in readiness to work on a project that they are passionate about. If you do not have a project in mind, consider finding ideas online. Make your project fun and create something functional. Your kids will have a sense of accomplishment when they can use something they created.

6. Staying Up Late

Kids enjoy feeling like grownups and something as simple as allowing them to stay up late may be enough to make them happy. Make the hours count and do fun activities like dancing, listening to an audio story, or watching a movie. When you let them stay up late, ensure that they know it is a privilege. When you make a big deal of it, they will appreciate it more and may look forward to the surprise in the future.

7. Get Them a New Toy

Surprise your child with a new toy, and they will be smiling for the rest of the day. Kids are explorers, and they enjoy toys that may help them learn and practice new skills. There are different toys and playthings to suit different age groups. Find an option that is most appropriate for your child. Even though picking a toy may seem easy, it can be difficult. There is a huge variety in the market and it may be difficult to find a toy that is both fun, interesting, and educative.

8. A Luxury Bath

Consider surprising your kid with a luxury bath at the end of the day. Adults often spend time in the bath with relaxing music and a glass of wine. While kids may not have the exact experience, a luxury bath may still be a good surprise. Fancy candles, good music, and rose lotions will make your child feel special. Bath fizzies will delight your kid more than anything else. Go overboard with bath bombs and use unconventional fragrances. Clean bath fizzies are soothing. Your child can open them like a fun little present. 

Bath oils can be great as well. Even though the tub can be slippery, a little precaution can take care of the problem. Use body oils made with carrier oils like sunflower or argan.

9. Cute Notes

Leave a cute note under your child’s pillow to remind them how much you love them. It reassures them, and they will be pleasantly surprised to find it. As children grow older, communication becomes more important for them. Unfortunately, many parents only communicate for disciplinary reasons. Changing the norm will be a surprise. Write a note praising them for their accomplishment or hard work, expressing affection, or blessing them. Alternatively, you can place sticky notes on their mirrors, lunch boxes, or bedroom walls.

In conclusion, there are lots of ways to surprise your kids and make them feel special. Even though kids do not always express their enthusiasm about your surprises, they appreciate them. Raising happy children is likely to turn them into happy adults. However, it is important to note that all children are different. What works for one may not necessarily work for another one. Identify the interests of your kids and plan out surprises that suit them.

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